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digital marketing interview questions
digital marketing interview questions

50 Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a combination of processes to promote and sell products and services by online marketing strategies like search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. You can say, digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing.

In both, businesses and organizations want to meet with new customers and develop mutually beneficial relationships. But digital marketing has changed the world of marketing by replacing most traditional marketing tactics with online strategies because it’s designed to reach today’s consumers.

Q2. Why did you choose Digital Marketing as a career?

There are many good reasons behind it but one of the reasons why a digital marketing career is interesting is the fact that the field is always developing as new platforms are launched. Digital marketing managers are constantly analyzing the latest trends and how they affect accessibility.

It is a career that has unlimited room for technology people, creative experts and business people. After having the knowledge of this field, you emerge as an internet wizard.

It is a field which requires proper upgradation with time. It helps people, brands, organizations to connect with new customers within a short period of time, that’s why it is one of the best fields to work in because it is an ever growing industry.

Q3. Why is digital marketing used over traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing can provide an increased level of customer engagement with the help of its distinctive techniques like social media posts or email messages, your intended audience can instantly connect with your brand through a variety of digital marketing channels.

Marketing via digital channels is far more affordable in comparison conventional or traditional marketing strategies.

Marketing on digital platforms provides a cheaper alternative to traditional methods and it can reach more. Digital methods also take less time to reach larger audiences in comparison to traditional methods.

For just a few dollars you can join an email marketing service and send direct or transactional emails to thousands of people who are on your mailing lists.

Q4. What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing methods of present world and having a strong presence digitally will help you in many ways:

  • Digital techniques will make it very easy to create awareness for the new product or service and to engage both before and after the sale. 
  • Its techniques will help you convert new customers easily to become your fan who buys more with you.
  • It is very helpful in kick starting word-of-mouth and social media sharing with all its benefits.
  • Digital marketing will shorten the overall buyer’s journey by presenting the right offers at the right time.

Q5. Explain different types of Digital Marketing.

You can categorize digital marketing into 8 main categories:

I. SEO: It helps you to rank higher in the Google Search results page with the help of all organic methods. It is a long run strategy and it can be done by researching keywords and phrases according to your business and customer’s interest.

II. Pay-Per-Click: it is a method which is used on paid platforms and promotes your website or service in search engine results. It is also a method of increasing traffic and business online via paid methods.

III. Social Media Marketing: This technique is related to social media channels. It will help you market your product or service through social media channels. 

IV. Content Marketing: It is a method which helps in building trust between your customers and you with your content media, blogs, e-books and other. 

V. Email Marketing: It is a technique which is very popular in the present time, and it can be a part of content marketing strategy. In this marketing technique, you will use emails to reach new and existing customers to provide offers or news.

VI. Mobile Marketing: This method is completely focused to reach its audience with their smart gadgets like cell phones, tablets.

VII. Marketing Analytics: This technique allows digital marketers to track all the data like user behaviors, journey and all.

VIII. Affiliate Marketing: It is also known as influencer marketing and it is very popular among big organizations. In these companies in order to promote their products work with third party marketers or influencers for compensation.

Q6. What are the popular tools used in digital marketing?

Some popular digital marketing tools are:

  • Ahrefs
  • Buffer App
  • Buzzsumo
  • AdEspresso
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword tracker
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMRush
  • Moz
  • MailChimp
  • XML sitemap generator
  • Rankwatch and more.

Q7. What is branding and how it is differ from digital marketing?

Branding in digital marketing is the process of marketing by creating a name, a symbol or design that is distinctive and distinguishes a product from those of other brands.” You can say it is the art of aligning the way your customers want to believe about your business with what they actually think about your company.

There is a thin difference between digital marketing and branding is that marketing is used to advertise your service or product while branding is about creating your brand identity and your identity. Both require a plan, and their goals and the results differ.

Q8. Explain SEO and its types.

SEO is one of the most popular techniques of digital marketing which stands for search engine optimization and it is the method of gaining visitors from organic, free or editorial results of search engines.

It is designated to increase your site’s ranking on the search results pages with all the organic efforts. Keep in mind that the higher your site is listed and the more visitors are able to see it.

In simple words, you are going to upgrade your website to improve its visibility to people searching for services or products related to your company in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

I. On-Page SEO

On page seo is related to the content which is on your website. It outlines strategies for optimizing each page of the website.

These aspects assist search engines comprehend the topic of the content and realize that the site is an excellent resource individuals would be looking for. You should increase the worth of your content by giving some indications to google crawler directly.

II. Technical SEO

The term “technical SEO” refers to non-content elements on your website. It outlines strategies for improving the overall foundation of your website.

Technical SEO enhances a website’s accessibility and offers a positive user experience, helping search engines recognize the website as high quality. A pleasant user experience is equally important for the reader, and may impact overall engagement and traffic levels.

III. Off-Site SEO

Off-page SEO methods aid in strengthening the influence and the relationship your website enjoys with other sites. It includes strategies to increase an authority and reputation for a site.

These are some of the most important factors for search engines to understand about the authority and recognize that a site is a great result for a search because it comes proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and trusted source.

Q9. How can you increase your website traffic by using organic ways?

The more prominent you are in the results of search engines for keywords that receive lots of traffic, the greater the organic visitors you’ll get. It’s simple, organic traffic is the traffic that you don’t have to pay for. If a user is on your site without seeing an advertisement or other type of message is classified as organic.

  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Make use of on-page SEO to increase your visibility on-page.
  • Remove and find non-performing content.
  • Consider influencer marketing.
  • Create video content for YouTube.
  • Join us as an author-in-residence.
  • Promote your content via social media.
  • Answer Google’s People Also Ask.

Q10. What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is any type of marketing which relies upon direct distribution or communication to consumers instead of via a third party, like mass media and emails. Social media and mails are among the distribution methods that are used in direct marketing.

Q11. Explain which is better: SEO or PPC?

You can say SEO is extremely slow in comparison with PPC. It can take a long time after optimizing your website before you start seeing results; however, PPC can begin to bring leads almost immediately

SEO is a continuous process. Your website will never be fully optimized, it will continue to be optimized when you put more effort into it.

SEO services concentrate on bringing visitors to the site as well as PPC advertising is about placing ads that are paid on search engine result .You must pay for each time someone clicks your advertisements, PPC advertising gives you the possibility of expanding your reach quicker that SEO.

Q12. What are the automation tools?

There are many scalable automation tools in digital marketing:

  • Anygrowth
  • LeadFuze
  • Userfox
  • Hubspot
  • Io
  • Eloqua
  • Marketo
  • Constant Contact
  • Userfox
  • ExactTarget

Q13. How to do keyword analysis effectively?

The basic objective in keywords analysis is to discover who your intended market is looking for and the steps it will be required to rank for these keywords.

For you to begin your keyword research you’ll require a starting point. It is usually an enumeration of keywords which define the types of products and services or websites you’d like to market.

With the help of Google Adwords Keyword Tool, you can easily select the most effective keywords and remove others according to your content and intent.

There are a few things to consider before you begin removing keywords from your list. For instance, how fast would you like to rank? What kind of keywords in the list are compatible with each other? What keywords and phrases are the most lucrative money-making sources for the website you’re looking at?

Q14. What are PPC and PPC campaigns?

Pay-per click refers to advertisements that are paid and search results that are promoted. It’s a temporary kind of digital marketing technique, which means that when you’re not paying for the advertisement will no longer be displayed. Similar to SEO, PPC is a method of increasing the amount of essential traffic for a company’s website.

Pay-per-click can be used to describe the ads you see on the sides and the top of results from a search, the advertisements you encounter while surfing the web, the ads that appear prior to YouTube videos, and ads on mobile apps.

When you launch a PPC campaign, you are in a position to select whether you want your advertisement or results promoted to be displayed to users across the globe, or only within a particular geographical area.

If you’re selling bricks-and-mortar businesses the ability to personalize according to location will ensure that you don’t overspend on advertising by advertising to people who aren’t located near your establishment, according to Google.

Q15. What are backlinks?

Backlinks are a process of off page seo technique and it is one of the most important techniques to build the authority of the website. Links from websites other than yours that link back to a webpage on your site. Backlinks are also referred to as inbound links as they are the traffic of another website that is coming directly to your website.

The quality and quantity of your backlinks could assist you in ranking better in search engines like Google as well as Bing. More votes that you can get from websites that are authoritative and more favorable have an influence on your website’s SEO as in rankings and search search visibility.

Backlinks are essential for SEO as they tell Google that a different resource considers your content to be valuable enough to include it in their content. When a website gains additional hyperlinks from other websites, Google will conclude that the website has quality content that merits a high ranking in SERPs.

Q16. How can you make your PPC campaign effective?

Each pay-per-click or PPC campaign is different However, the most effective campaigns have the same features: a logical, structured structure, thorough study of keywords, as well as continuous monitoring and management.

These strategies can make your PPC campaign to perform better

  • Have a clear objective.
  • Make use of the keyword high-performance.
  • Enhance the quality of your keyword means keyword score
  • Make a list of negative words.
  • Write engaging ad copy.
  • Utilize remarketing.
  • Utilize ads extensions.
  • Make your ads more mobile-friendly.

Q17. What is content marketing and why do we need content marketing techniques?

Content marketing refers to a method of marketing that is used to draw to, engage and keep viewers by creating and sharing relevant content or videos, podcasts and other forms of media.

This strategy builds expertise as well as increases brand awareness and keeps your company at the forefront of minds when it’s time for people to buy the products you offer.

Content marketing utilizes storytelling and By sharing information with content material to build brand awareness. The goal is to make the reader make a decision to become a client, for instance, asking for more details, signing up to an email list or purchasing.

You can refer to content as blog posts, online resources such as white papers, e-books, podcasts, digital videos as well as many others. Content marketing is about creating an ongoing, trustworthy relationship with your clients that could lead to numerous sales over time, not just one transaction.

Q18. What are the main areas where you use keywords to optimize your web page rankings?

Keywords optimization is also an important technique of SEO which is used in almost every digital marketing strategy. Main areas to use keywords for better rankings are:

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • URL
  • Headings specially H1 and H2
  • In your website content
  • Alt tags of images

Q19. Explain Bad links and which links are bad links?

Poor Links or Bad Links can be described as backlinks that affect Google’s perception of your website. They can be described as spammy, low-quality, harmful and unnatural, and they have the same effect regardless of whether you made the link or not. This could be due to Google’s algorithms and the large emphasis on the quality of their links. 

Backlinks that are not good quality get pranked by search engines, and decrease the visibility of your website in results of search engines. They’re forced, artificial or insignificant. They could be out of date, originate from spam websites or taken from a different site you control.

Q20. What is a crawler?

A Web crawler, also known as spider bot or spider, and frequently abbreviated to crawler can be described as an Internet bot that constantly navigates through the World Wide Web and that is generally used by search engines for the reason to perform web indexing. Crawler is a computer program that continuously and automatically searches web pages for specific keywords.

Each search engine uses its own unique algorithm that determines the ranking of websites according to every keyword or combination of keywords. The purpose of these algorithms is to index the contents of websites across the Internet to ensure that the websites are found in search results.

Q21. What is Social Media Marketing and how is it beneficial?

Social Media Marketing covers everything a company engages in via social media channels. Most people are aware of social media and use it for their daily use and to be with trends.

However, marketers need to approach social media by taking a strategic and integrated strategy. The marketing of social media is beyond just posting on social networks and answering comments.

For the best results the efforts have to be planned and consistent, rather than a flimsy thought. To ensure that posts are regular, there are numerous online tools that allow you to create and manage social media content.

However, marketers should utilize automation to aid in their efforts and not as to be ‘a set the timer and leave it’ solution. The users will be able to figure it out quickly if there’s no person who is behind the posts.

The most important aspect of social media marketing is analytics. Social media marketers also need to be adept at studying the results of their content, and then implementing strategies based upon the information.

Another reason why marketers should constantly monitor and track their campaigns is because these data allow them to prove a campaign’s effectiveness.

Q22. Explain business modeling.

Business models are the core strategy of a business to make money by doing business. These models are very important and typically include information about the products or services the business plans to market, its potential markets, as well as any expected costs. The important two key elements of the business model are cost and pricing.

Business models are important as it provides investors with an understanding of the competitive advantage of the company as well as more insight into the operation of the business. You can say, a well-designed business model will lead to cash flow and expansion.

Q23. What are the ways to research the target audience?

It is very important for a business or organization to determine the audience you want to target and identify their personalities and interests or. You can easily obtain this information from analysts and analytics and then review the audience we are targeting.

It is crucial to get advice from the sales department, or directly from customers. With this data, you can also look at what your competition is planning and what their goals are, and then beat them to the punch.

Q24. What is more profitable for the long term: SEM campaign or SEO campaign?

It’s clear that SEM performs much faster as compared to SEO. While SEO might not be as efficient in the short run but it can help boost the long-term performance of your website.

It’s not the same for SEM because your ads will not be displayed when your budget for advertising expires. SEO offers a greater CTR than the SEM, in the event that you manage to reach the highest.

The initial few organic results usually have the most CTRs. Therefore, if you are able to get up to the top, you’re likely to be more successful than SEM advertisements. If you’re on the 2nd page or less, you will most likely gain more clicks via SEM.

Q25. What is Google Adwords and how does it work?

Google AdWords can be described as an advertising platform created by Google to assist businesses in reaching the online market via the search engine as well as its partner sites.

These sites provide a text or an image advertisement that is shown on the site after the user has searched for phrases and keywords relevant to a particular business as well as its services or products. In accordance with the keyword you are targeting, companies pay to have their ads placed at the highest of the results page.

Google AdWords allows businesses to target their ads to users on two networks, the display and search network. In the search network, advertisers can bid on relevant keywords. This allows them to show their ads to people who input those keywords in Google in the search query.

Remarketing is an option that allows you to customize your display advertising campaign to those who have already been to your website. You can make your ads more specific to those who visit your site as they browse the internet and download apps. Make use of this feature in the Display Network campaigns.

After you’ve selected the ad format go to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Narrow your target’ button and then click on the Remarketing option. Then, you can select the list you would like to market to. You can also advertise to youtube activity by going under the ‘Video remarketing lists option’.

For Adwords Ad characters, headlines and subheadings should not exceed 30 characters. Descriptions should be within 90 characters.

Q26. Explain Google Adwords Remarketing and what is the limit of Adwords Ad Characters?

Remarketing is an option that allows you to customize your display advertising campaign to those who have already been to your website. You can make your ads more specific to those who visit your site as they browse the internet and download apps. Make use of this feature in the Display Network campaigns.

After you’ve selected the ad format go to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Narrow your target’ button and then click on the Remarketing option. Then, you can select the list you would like to market to. You can also advertise to youtube activity by going under the ‘Video remarketing lists option’.

For Adwords Ad characters, headlines and subheadings should not exceed 30 characters. Descriptions should be within 90 characters.

Q27. What is the difference between Adsense and Adwords?

In a simple way, Google AdWords which is now known by the name Google Ads can be described as an application that permits businesses to compete for advertising spaces in Google search results as well as on other Google-affiliated sites. Google AdSense is an application that permits websites and publishers to sell advertising space to companies.

The main distinction from AdWords as well as AdSense is who they’re made for. AdWords is designed for advertisers, while AdSense is for publishers or webmasters. AdWords allows marketers and businesses to promote their products on Google’s network (search display, display, etc.).

Q28. What is Email Marketing and its techniques?

Despite the rise of mobile apps, and various other channels, emails are among the top methods of marketing, Rogers said. It is a part of a strategy for content marketing that provides value to customers and, over time, turns the audience to customers.

The experts in email marketing do not just know how to develop appealing campaigns, but they also comprehend the optimal level of audience engagement and are adept in analyzing customer interactions and data, as well as making decisions on the basis of this data.

There are a variety of ways that marketers can improve the appeal of their emails to their readers which makes them more likely to read. They include:

  • Make a feeling of Urgency by writing emails that let your readers know that they have time out to avail a great offer, or that there’s only a few offers available, could increase the number of customers who visit your site.
  • Personalize the email you send Personalize your email – Setting your emails and subject lines with the recipient’s name is a proven method to boost the number of clicks and opens. (A example subject line “Katie A special deal just to the ladies of your life.”)
  • Allow Recipients to Set Their Preferences The ability to let users choose how often they would like to receive emails from your company may make sure that some of your email list subscribers on your list and click on the emails you send them.

Q29. Explain some Google Adwords Ad Extensions.

There are many:

  • Location extensions
  • App extensions
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • Automated extensions report
  • Previous visits
  • Price extensions
  • Image extensions
  • Dynamic sitelink extensions
  • Previous visits
  • Dynamic structured snippets

Q30. How Ad Ranks are calculated?

To calculate the Ad Rank, the formula used to be very simple: Ad Rank = Maximum Cost Per Click Bid x Quality Score. In other words, the best combined product of CPC x Quality Score got the best ad position.

Q31. How do you determine the quality score of an ad?

The AdWords quality score is a keyword-level score based on a 1-10 scale. Every keyword that you use in the Google Ads account is assigned an overall Quality Score. An overall Quality Score that is between 8 and 10 is considered to be excellent. Qualitative Scores are calculated on the total efficiency of three elements: 

  • Expected click-through rate (CTR): 
  • The possibility that your ad is likely to be clicked upon when it is displayed. 
  • Relevance of your advertisement: How well your advertisement is in line with the intention of a searcher’s.

Ad Rank doesn’t directly consider Quality Score only. Simply because you have an excellent Quality Score doesn’t necessarily mean that your campaign will be able to boast an excellent Ad Rank. But, Ad Rank does take into consideration the same variables such as the Quality Score.

They are a crucial component of making improvements to the quality of your Ad Rank.

Q32. How can you schedule your posts and why is it beneficial?

The answer to this question will vary based on the frequency at which you upload posts. If there are deadlines that are strict for specific posts that need to be posted regularly there is the advantage to schedule them ahead to ensure that you don’t lose out on the deadlines. It helps to keep you organized, focused and up to date.

Q33. What are the ways to increase CTR via social media ads?

When your conversion rate for Google advertisements is at or more and you’re satisfied, then applaud yourself to the side. It’s usually considered to be a great CTR. However, based on the industry you work in, the CTR could still be considered to be low. Certain fields have better average CTRs than other industries.

8 tips for Boost Social Media Click-Through Rates

  • Include an appeal to action.
  • Give your readers reasons for them to visit.
  • Make use of images.
  • Link posting is done at various times across social media networks.
  • Customize Your Links.
  • Review Your Analytics.
  • Write Compelling Titles.
  • Deliver on Your Promise.

Q34. What is keyword streaming?

Keyword streaming is an SEO tool that is used for websites as well as search engine optimization. The method of using keywords is the process of taking a simple but well-known keyword that is associated with an individual website and then adding a suffix, prefix, or pluralize the word into a completely new term.

Q35. What are the main parts of Google text ads and what to do when your ad is unapproved? 

A google text ad has main three parts:

  • Headline text
  • Description text
  • Display URL

Once you have figured out the reason your advertisement was rejected, begin to fix the issue and follow up with. After making the edits and waiting for the approval status. Don’t be anxious since it may take one business day.

Q36. What are long-tail and short-tail keywords?

In SEO, long tail and short tail keywords have importance in their own ways. The long-tail keyword is more extensive and specific phrases that people tend to utilize when they’re near an outlet or making use of voice searches. For instance, if your business is to offer sneakers for children your primary keyword will consist of “kids shoes.” But there are other keywords that are relevant that you can use effectively with these keywords.

Keywords with short tails are keywords that are composed of no more than 3 words. They are used to describe broad subjects, not specific ones. For instance, “running shoes” is an example of a term that is short, and “best running winter shoes” could be an instance of a lengthy tail keyword.

Q37. What are the qualities of an effective PPC campaign?

PPC is known as Pay Per Click and if you want to promote your business on a short notice period, this is one of the best techniques of digital marketing. Effective PPC features include :

  • Expansive: The list of keywords should be growing and changing.
  • Excellent quality score: It will be more visible at lower cost
  • Relevance: It lists relevant keywords.
  • Exhaustive: It’s supposed to be able to cover an important long trail of searching.

Q38. What are the benefits of PPC lead generation?

If you want to learn about the complete process of PPC, campaigning, and other ads related concepts, you should enroll in our digital marketing courses at Techstack Academy.

Here are some benefits of making use of PPC for lead generation:

  • With ppc campaigns, you can attracts potential and relevant users
  • These campaigns for lead generation will help to get immediate rankings for keywords and boosts increases traffic
  • Offers on the various stages of the funnel for digital marketing
  • Complete control of the messages for every funnel stage
  • Effectively monitors the ROI
  • Lead generation ads can increase the number of leads in your database and then markets them using other strategies

Q39. What is competitive analysis and why do you do it?

Competitive analysis is very important to be in the market strongly. The process of competitive analysis involves the procedure of identifying your competitors and analyzing their strategies to identify their strengths and weaknesses for bettering your own business. With the data obtained after competitive analytics, you can easily make the right offers for yourself. The name suggests that competitive analysis is the process of analyzing your competition to enhance your own company.

The goal of an analysis of competitors is to discover your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in contrast to yours and to discover an opportunity between them in terms of market. An analysis of your competitors is essential due to the following reasons: It will show you how you can beat your competition in these areas so that you can keep your customers’ focus.

Q40. What are the features of a responsive website?

Responsive website design (RWD) refers to an approach to web development that creates dynamic changes in the appearance of websites dependent on the size of the screen and the position of the screen utilized to see it. With responsive designs, the elements of a page change their order as the screen shrinks. 

The concept of responsive design refers to an interface for graphics (GUI) method of design utilized to create content that is easily adjusted to different screen sizes. Designers size elements according to relative units of the screen and then apply media queries so that their designs automatically adjust to the size of the browser to ensure consistency of content across all devices.

Q41. How do you do keyword analysis for your SEM campaign?

If you are conducting research on keywords to use for SEM the best method to convert customers is to start by choosing keywords that fall into six categories.

  1. Brand terms
  2. Product terms
  3. Terms of competition
  4. Substitute terms for products
  5. Terms of the product that are complementary
  6. Terms of the Audience

After defining your keywords, sort and utilize the keywords using four ways.

  1. Keywords that are broad match can be plural or singular or synonyms and/or similar phrases.
  2. Phrase match keywords are the phrases that are either before or after the keyword.
  3. Keywords that match exactly and these keywords are word-for-word matches to the keyword of choice.
  4. Keywords that are negative match- These are variations of phrase match as well as exact match keywords you wish to eliminate from your marketing campaign.

Q42. How do you improve social media engagement?

In the first place, it is crucial to stay up to date on all the platforms for social media that you use. Consistency is the key to improving engagement on social media.

In addition, it is essential to be aware of the various types of engagement on different platforms, including:

  1. Likes on YouTube videos
  2. Comment on Instagram posts
  3. Tweets, mentions or reposts

It is also crucial to analyze the engagement for each channel. Based on this information you can develop various strategies to increase engagement on social media. One of the most effective methods to accomplish this using social media posts include:

  1. Giveaways
  2. Incorporating humor
  3. Inspiring FOMO (Fear of not being able to enjoy)
  4. Utilizing stickers to enhance Instagram posts

Q43. Is email marketing beneficial for your business?

A solid email marketing plan will allow you to connect and communicate with your audience in a more personal method and increase sales at a low cost. Email marketing is a very cost-effective method to reach thousands of customers with high quality content.

Like other media platforms have evolved, email marketing tools provide your business the chance to communicate with customers faster than ever before.

Q44. What is copywriting and what does a copywriter do?

Copywriting refers to the process of writing texts for a reason. In the field of digital marketing, the copywriting process should encourage readers to perform a step, such as purchasing the product. Copywriting can also serve many other uses, including creating ads, creating blog content, or other activities that aid in achieving the goals of an organization.

Each day, copywriters are faced with creating precise and concise content for advertisements as well as marketing materials and websites for almost any type of audience and for any industry.

Q45. Explain the success metric of social media.

The most frequently used and crucial metrics to keep an eye on our interactions, views, reach as well as a share of voice, referrals, and conversions, as well as time and response rates. Together, they will give you an all-encompassing view of your social media performance.

Social media metrics are the process of using the information to determine the effect of social media on the revenue of a business. Marketers frequently employ software for monitoring social media to track activities on social media and collect information on the way a brand, product or topic related to the company is perceived.

Q46. Is Twitter beneficial in business development and what are the twitter tools used?

Twitter is very useful for Brand personality and creates brand awareness in audiences. It is the most widely used platform by influencers, movie personalities, and politicians.

One of the most important advantages of Twitter for businesses is that It allows you to easily share information and initiate conversations with your audience. Your audience will find your Tweets and other content useful and, ideally they would even share it with their followers.

Tools which are most useful are the ones you regularly use and help you. These are some of the important tools that are used in Twitter most.

TweetDeck: it is an application that monitors Twitter events in real-time, which is, to observe what’s being said about specific hashtags or mentions, user and keywords, for example. It also allows users to understand what’s being discussed, and what’s going on at the time on Twitter.

Tweet Binder: This tool lets us assess the impact of a certain campaign, which includes data, such as the number of tweets, active users, and so on. I’d like to highlight that this tool is an intuitive dashboard and is very easy to use, however, simultaneously it’s extremely powerful.

Buffer: It lets you schedule tweets to be scheduled over time. In case you’re not on Twitter at a specific date, time, or on Twitter you can choose to leave the content, and tweets can be scheduled for the date and time you want to schedule.

Q47. What are the benefits of using Linkedin in your digital marketing strategy?

Linkedin is a big social media platform for professionals. Here, you can easily share your thoughts, articles, blogs with informational content and selling content. Utilizing LinkedIn is an excellent option to increase the visibility of your brand.

With more than 500 million users which makes it is a great location to interact with your audience. You can respond to the queries of users, take part in the discussions, and share content that is relevant to the brand.

Q48. How is facebook beneficial in business development?

‘Excellent Content Helps Your Company Stay Connected’ and it is quite possible with your facebook posts related to your company or product.

If you engage in conversations and regularly share on social media this shows your clients that you are interested in being relevant. Also, it shows that you are concerned about the success of their company’s interests. Design appealing and engaging visual content that is appealing to your customers, so make sure to post frequently

Every small business needs to be active on social media, particularly Facebook. From its powerful advertising options as well as Facebook communities, Facebook has many tools small-scale businesses can and should utilize. A well-established Facebook presence can help to engage customers and help grow your business.

Q49. Steps to write a perfect marketing email.

The principal reason to send out emails to consumers is to let them be aware of the brand’s name and to connect with them on an individual basis. In sending out any marketing emails, it is important to:

  • Choose a very powerful and appealing subject line that is attractive and strong.
  • Keep your mail simple
  • Landing page
  • Focus on the needs of the user instead of talking about the brand
  • Maintain the CTA effectively and hard-hitting.

Q50. What is Google My Business and why do we use it?

The Business Profile of your business is a completely free tool that lets you control the way your business is displayed online in Google Search and Maps. With your Business Profile you can interact with your customers, update your profile listing your services and products as well as accept online orders and much more. 

Google My Business provides users with the capability to display your business’s address in Google Maps and local search results. It allows you to display vital information about your company such as opening and closing hours, contact information as well as the URL to your site. Google My Business (GMB) is no longer a luxury; it’s an essential component of every website’s presence online and frequently the first site that customers visit for the most up-to-date information regarding your business. Instead, they’ll search for your company’s name on Google and then look at the right-hand side of the page for the details they need.

Some Additional tips for Digital Marketing Interviews

Digital Marketing is an upgraded field and due to continuous changes and rapid explosion, this industry requires a lot of knowledge to secure the right job for you. To look more confident during the interview process, you should prepare for these questions.

If you have read and understood the answers, you can be creative during the interview and it automatically increases your confidence. Knowledge is the main key to securing a job.

To stand out from the crowd, you should prepare and practice for the interview before going for the actual interview. In our best digital marketing courses at Techstack Academy, we teach you how you should make your CV, what are the ways to increase your skills, and how to prepare for the interview process.

We will provide you training which is real time project based, and this will help in enhancing your skills to a great extent.

In your CV, you should express your passion, what are the skills you have, if you have any prior experience, mention it, and what are your strengths as a digital marketer. You should update your Linkedin profile with all the right details. 

To become a professional digital marketer, Techstack Academy provides three different advanced courses with different time duration and internship duration. Our courses will make you an expert for the corporate world. To know more about our courses, you can directly come to our office or you can contact us online.

We hope this article will help you in finding all the answers to tackle the interview of digital marketing with great confidence and knowledge. We wish you good luck for your future!

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