About Advanced Data Science 6 Month Course Modules

Big data is doing wonders in the IT industry today, but without the expertise of professionals, it cannot be implemented properly. The more the businesses are becoming modern, the more they are functioning with the help of data.

The demand for data processing and analysis is increasing everyday and it has been predicted that it will have an enormous value in the future as well. This is where a data scientist comes into the picture.

Why choose advanced data science course?

  • The demand is high and the job seekers will have plenty of opportunities since it is one of the fastest growing jobs today.
  • Right now data science is one of the top paid jobs. So it is an incredible career option.
  • The applications are plenty in data science and it is used widely in different industries. 

This versatility will give you the chance to work in any field you are interested in.

Advanced Data Science 6 Month Course Modules
Advanced Data Science 6 Month Course Modules

What will you learn in this advanced data science 6 month course?

  • Different types of analytics and importance of analytics in business.
  • Data handling and business data using Excel.
  • Understanding and formatting data calculations, Excel charts, filtering and validation MS.
  • Designing simple dashboard and enhancing the designs.
  • Python, Pandas and applications.
  • How to identify risk and predict fraud on seeing unusual data.
  • How to deliver the right products at the right time so that they meet the requirement of the customers.
  • Understand personalized customer experience and create products according to that.

Advanced data science 6 months course module at Techstack.

Our advanced data science course will help you achieve your dream of becoming a data scientist without even leaving your job. Join our Techstack Academy to upgrade your skills and become a certified expert in just 6 months with the help of our advanced data science 6-month course modules.

In this course you learn every skill you need to implement data science both in web and social media. The course has a total of 55 modules.  And here they are.

  • Introduction of Data Science.
  • Data and Analytics.
  • Introduction of Excel environment.
  • Dashboard designing in Excel.
  • Basics of statistics.
  • Introduction to data science.
  •   Business statics and applications.
  • Fundamentals of python.
  • Data importing and exporting in Python.
  • Introduction to Python and Python basics.
  • Numpy package and data manipulation using Pandas.
  • Advanced python, Pylab and Pyplot.
  • Predictive modelling concepts.
  • Correlation and linear regression.
  • Logistic regression.
  • Introduction to machine learning and its concepts.
  • Artificial neural network and TensorFlow.

Along with the course modules, you will also get to work on assessments so that you can have hands-on experience that will make you ready to step into the industry.

Today the competition is tough and you need to have the basic skill set to give a good kick start to your career. The practical project training will help you gain more experience to build a solid foundation in data science.

Our faculty has more than 10 years of experience in this field and will help you out to create portfolio-worthy projects. So join our Academy to sign up for the best  advanced data science 6-month course that you can find. 

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