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At Techstack, we believe in providing a full-fledged course of your desire where our industry experts have designed a top-notch curriculum just for you.

  • Advance ML Course Structure ( 15 Modules )

    Introduction to Python

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Python basics
    • History of python
    • How is python differ from other languages
    • Python different version
    • Python files
    • What is the process to install python
    • Python IDLE
    • How to execute the python program
    • How to write your first program
    • How to analyze python program and create report
    • Python is a general-purpose language, popular, powerful and widely used in almost all fields. The reason being that it's easy to grasp, and it's scalable. So now you know that, aside from learning it, there is no need for previous knowledge in programming. That's the reason it is popular with developers too. Python has a more simple syntax that is like the English language. Learn how you can create programs with smaller lines of code. Learn our machine learning in Mumbai course and enhance your coding knowledge to an extent and become a full time developer. Techstack Academy designed this course according to the latest industry trends.

    Python Basics

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Python overview
    • Explain keywords and identifiers of python
    • How to write statements in python
    • How to make comments in python
    • Explain multi-line python
    • Explain command-line arguments
    • How to use input
    • Python exercise
    • Python functions
    • What is interpretation
    • In this module you are going to learn about the basics of Python in this machine learning course in Mumbai at Techstack Academy. Our trainers will teach you with dedication and consistency. Consistency is more crucial to grasp everything in coding in-depth, you will find it difficult to learn if not consistently practice. Therefore, we suggest you to get involved in projects to help you understand how things are accomplished and most importantly, to be entertained while learning.

    Variables and Data Types

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What are variables and data types
    • Explain numbers
    • Explain strings
    • Python list, dictionary and tuple
    • Data vs variable
    • How to interpret objects
    • How to execute python
    • Data types fundamentals
    • Case studies
    • Exercises
    • Variables are containers that hold the data values. It is possible to assign variables to an identity according to your program. Based on the name assigned to it, the interpreter determines the data type. You are able to save a different type of data in an array. The types of data that can hold the numeric values include short byte, byte, int long, float, long and double . learn different types of datatypes and variables and what are the differences between these types in size and the precision of the data they hold. You will be taught all data types fundamentals step by step in depth. Enroll in our machine learning course in Mumbai to become an expert of the field.

    Decision Making and Loops

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is decision-making
    • Explain control flow and python syntax
    • Operation in python
    • Explain while loop working
    • How to execute statements
    • What is the source code for decision making
    • Explain control flow
    • What is break and continue statements
    • Explain pass statement
    • Exercises
    • In this module of machine learning course in Mumbai, you will learn about Decision making and its fundamentals. Decision-making is the procedure of making choices through taking a decision, collecting information and evaluating alternative options. We will teach you step-by-step decision-making methods that can assist you in making more thoughtful, deliberate decisions by organizing pertinent information. Loops are an instruction sequence which is repeated until a specific threshold is reached. Learn about control flow, different statements and use them in exercises to enhance your skills in machine learning at Techstack Academy.

    Files and Directories

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What are files and directories
    • Explain how to write data to file
    • Explain how to read data from file
    • What are the different file methods
    • How to work with files
    • What is the procedure to manage information on the desk
    • Explain storage media
    • How to create temporary files
    • How to create the reports
    • Explain the implementation to directories in a feasible manner
    • The directory file is one of a kind file that contains the information required to open other directories or files. This means that directories take up less space than different kinds of files. File systems are composed of directories in groups and the files inside the directories. We teach you the concept of files, directories and storage media in our machine learning course in Mumbai with the latest methods. Techstack Academy has the best trainers who have a lot of experience in the field of machine learning who are able to provide you with a world class learning program with a practical approach.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Explain Numpy
    • How to import Numpy
    • How to create array and explain different operations
    • Universal functions related to Numpy
    • How to select and retrieve data
    • What is data slicing
    • How to iterate numpy data
    • What is shape manipulation
    • What is stacking and splitting arrays
    • Explain copies and views copy/shallow copy/deep copy
    • In this machine learning course in Mumbai we provide a lot of assignments in Python programming language to enhance your skills in coding. Python is a fantastic general-purpose programming language. With the help of some well-known libraries (numpy, matplotlib, scipy) this language is able to become a powerful tool for scientific computation. We teach you python programming in brief with its application to scientific computing to provide you with an advanced learning program. We also discuss assignments and projects which can be a practical way to play around using Python code.

    Pandas Package

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is Pandas
    • How to import pandas
    • How to create object
    • How to view data
    • What is the procedure to select data by label and position
    • Explain data slicing methods
    • Explain boolean indexing
    • How to sell data
    • What is the format of panda
    • Explain package analyzation
    • Pandas is an open-source Python program that is frequently used for data science, data analysis as well as machine-learning tasks. This package was developed on a package called Numpy that provides the ability to support multidimensional arrays. Pandas works well with numerous other data science applications within the Python ecosystem.learn the working of pandas and why they are so important in machine learning components with us at Techstack Academy. We have designed our machine learning in Mumbai course under the guidance of best industry experts and include all the latest technologies and methods.

    Introduction to Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Techniques of Pandas
    • What is the procedure of selecting data from Pandas dataframe
    • Explain slicing and dicing
    • What is Groupby
    • What is Aggregate
    • Explain string with Pandas
    • How to clean up messy data
    • What is dropping entries
    • Explain selecting entries
    • Pandas related strategies
    • Pandas simplifies the process of performing a variety of monotonous, time-consuming tasks that are associated with dealing with data. In this course, you will learn everything about the data, from reading, analyzing the data manipulating and then finally, storage. All of these things can easily be accomplished with Pandas and Pandas library. There are many other functions to explore, which you can learn in our machine learning course in Mumbai with the help of deep documentation and learning materials.

    Data Manipulation using Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Explain data manipulation
    • What is data alignment
    • Explain statistics summary
    • What are missing values
    • Explain how to merge data
    • What is concatenation
    • Process of combining data frames
    • Explain Pivot
    • What are duplicates
    • Explain Binning
    • Data manipulation languages (DML) can be described as a subclass of computer-related languages, including commands that permit users to alter data stored in databases. The manipulation is the process of inserting data in tables in databases and retrieving data from existing tables, eliminating data from tables, and altering data already in the database. DML is usually integrated into SQL databases. Techstack Academy provides you the best platform to learn and code easily with the help of practical format. With this approach you can learn everything easily and deeply.

    Python Advance: Data Mugging with Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of Advanced Python
    • How to apply a function in data
    • What is histogramming
    • Explain string methods
    • Explain Merge Data: Join, Concat, and Append
    • What is grouping and aggregation
    • Explain reshaping
    • How to fill missing values
    • How to remove duplicates
    • What is the procedure to analyze and transform data
    • Learn advanced python concepts with us in our machine learning program in Mumbai at Techstack Academy. We have the best trainers of industry who have a great knowledge in their subjects and are able to solve any query of you regarding the course. Advanced Python Development is intended for people who are able to write basic programs in Python and wish to know the right time to utilize new and more advanced features in the language and how to use them with confidence. In previous modules, you will learn python basics and now it's turn for advanced python programming.

    Introduction to Machine Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of machine learning
    • Machine learning history
    • Relation b/w machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Explain the difference b/w data science and machine learning
    • Machine learning fundamentals
    • Algorithms related to Machine learning
    • Theory and application related to ML
    • Advanced guides related to ML
    • Machine learning core ideas
    • How to analyze and make reports
    • With the increasing access to data from various sources, there is an increasing demand in many fields that are dependent on data like machine learning and analytics. In this course of machine learning at Techstack Academy, we will try to present almost every fundamental concept for machine learning using a mathematically driven view. We will discuss the various methods of learning and the most popular algorithms and structures employed in these approaches. Learn this advanced course at our institute to enhance your skills. We provide you certifications for machine learning courses which are valid across the country and will be very helpful in getting better jobs.

    Machine Learning Concepts

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Components related to ML
    • Machine learning branches
    • What is Modeling
    • Machine learning different phases
    • Explain data preparation for modeling
    • Overview of train test split
    • How to evaluate a model
    • How to run a machine learning algo
    • What is model deployment
    • Explain different types of learning
    • Learn to master the art of machine learning by taking one of the most highly rated Machine Learning courses in Mumbai at Techstack Academy. This certification program of machine learning courses helps you to master Python, ML, Deep Learning, NLP, etc. Our trainers will help you in enhancing your career prospects to higher pay and a better job with in-depth knowledge. In this module, you will learn about data preparation, evaluation of models, different algorithms, types of machine learning and more under the guidance of India’s best trainers.

    Supervised Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Supervised learning types
    • What is KNN
    • Explain logistic regression
    • Explain Naive Bayes
    • What is SVM
    • Explain concepts of decision tree
    • What is Ridge Regression
    • How to evaluate model complexity
    • How to generalize performance
    • What is model evaluation for cross-validation
    • The supervised learning model is by far the most popular branch of machine learning that is used in present time industries. Most machine learning professionals will begin their journey using the use of supervised learning algorithms. In this module we will deeply focus on supervised learning. The term "supervised" learning is derived from the notion that teaching this kind of algorithm is similar to having a teacher oversee the entire procedure. You will understand it completely when you learn from our trainers. This is the best machine learning course in Mumbai which is provided by the best institute for machine learning i.e. Techstack Academy.

    Advanced Supervised Machine Learning Concepts

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Explain ensemble learning
    • What is data leakage and related critical problems
    • How to avoid and detect mistakes
    • Explain unsupervised learning process
    • What is K-means clustering
    • How to recommend engines
    • What is reinforcement learning
    • Explain Q-learning
    • Explain SARSA
    • What is DDPG
    • This module is all about advanced supervised machine learning concepts in which you are going to learn supervised models in depth. Our trainers provide the best concepts with the help of current trends in this field by which you can easily enter any industry which uses the concepts of machine learning. After successfully completing our course, you will be rewarded with our certification which will be helpful in future during your interviews. Techstack Academy has 100% placement assistance and will help you to find the best suited job for you according to your knowledge.

    Deep Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Concepts related to deep learning
    • What is artificial neural networks
    • Explain concepts of Tensorflow
    • What is data visualization
    • Libraries related to Deep learning
    • Explain Apache MXNet
    • What is CNTK
    • Overview of spark deep learning
    • Explain E-books
    • How to interpret and execute machine learning
    • This is the last module for a machine learning course in Mumbai which is related to deep learning concepts. On a fundamental level deep learning can be described as a machine-learning method. It is a method that teaches computers to sort inputs into layers and discover how to anticipate and categorize information. The observations can take the form of text, images or sounds. The motivation behind deep learning comes from the way in which our brains filter information. We provide you with different learning materials by which you can easily learn or practice in future. Enroll in our courses today to learn from the best experienced trainers of the machine learning industry.
  • Capstone Project
  • Career Assistance: Resume building, Mock interviews, 1:1 mentorship and Career fair
  • Program Certificate from Orangus India and Techstack Academy

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Certificate from The Orangus India and TechStack Academy

Capstone Projects

Live Projects from the Partner Agency ( Orangus & Team Variance ).

Projects Completed




Next Word Prediction

automatically predict the next word you want to type.


House Price Prediction

To determine the selling price of a house of a particular region.


Number Plate Detection

To identify a vehicle owner who is breaking the rules of the road


Gold Price Prediction

To predict future fluctuations in the price of gold


Text Generation

To generate natural language text


Spelling Correction

to create a program for the task of Spelling correction with Python.


Restaurant Recommendation

To search item or that are related to the search history of the user.


Chatbot with Machine Learning

To create a Chatbot with Python and Machine Learning.

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Machine Learning Institute Reviews

Sugandha Mishra MLP

Techstack Academy has been instrumental in transforming my career path as they have provided me with a very focused training and knowledge in machine learning in Mumbai. Thanks to their ML learning, my experience with these tools has grown tremendously. I am thankful to them for their continuous assistance and support. Great institute.

Artificial Intelligence Course Reviews

Jitesh Motwani MLP

It's a fantastic place to study Machine Learning in Mumbai. I've had a good time here and the staff are extremely helpful and provide instant solutions for our asked problems. Study materials are provided during the classes and to help with the preparation for interviews. They also offer 100% placement assistance. If you want to make your career in machine learning, Techstack is the best institute.

Machine Learning Training Reviews

Piyush Khurana MLP

Techstack Academy is the top institute for Advanced Machine Learning Courses in Mumbai. I strongly recommend studying at this institute as they provide the best quality learning programs. Trainers here are extremely helpful and will give you one-on-one training sessions for clearing any confusion. I have had the best experience.

Machine Learning Institute in Mumbai Reviews

Pratibha Pundir MLP

Looking for a reliable institute which has India’s best trainers who are knowledgeable about their fields, Techstack Academy is the best choice. Their online and offline classroom training programs, as well as expert instructors can help you acquire the broad abilities required for your current job as well as future growth. I am especially grateful to our trainer for his vast depth of knowledge and practical experience about advanced analytics.

Machine Learning Training in Mumbai Reviews

Akash Saini MLP

I'd say that this is among the most beneficial decisions I've taken to do my machine learning from Techstack Academy. From the syllabus to assistance with placement, everything is clear and concise. The case studies you will receive from them will assist you to understand concepts in-depth. If you're an enthusiast of machine learning, this is the perfect institute to get started.

Machine Learning Course in Mumbai Reviews

Bharat Aggarwal MLP

Great Institute for learning Advanced Machine Learning concepts and python programming. Great tutors with a vast knowledge base, and extremely helpful support staff. I would recommend this institute for anyone wanting to explore the world in Machine Learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of a Machine Learning Course?

Machine learning is a great field and used for handling statistics and data evaluation. To learn machine learning, you should learn it from the best institute for machine learning as it is not easy to learn. You need to practice the concepts of machine learning regularly. Techstack Academy provides you with the best machine learning course in Mumbai as we are one of the best machine learning training institutes in Mumbai. We provide you the knowledge of automation, python, data analysis with AI concepts in our courses. There is a lot of scope in the machine learning field in India and other countries

How many modules are there in a machine learning course?

Techstack Academy designed this machine learning course under the guidance of most advanced industry experts who cover every current trend of technology and advanced tools in this course. In our ML course there are 15 advanced modules by which you can easily handle data and make use of it to make advanced algorithms. Techstack Academy’s trainers are highly skilled and provide you with an in-depth learning program and cover all the concepts with impressive methods. Our trainers will provide you assignments and assessments from time to time to enhance your skills.

Can you provide certification for the course?

Techstack Academy is an advanced and most popular institute to learn Machine learning in Mumbai. We offer certification in each of our courses and this certification will be very helpful in future to get desired jobs in multinational companies. Our certifications are ISO certified which is valid throughout India and outside world. Techstack Academy offers 100% placement assistance. In our academy, we give in-depth learning programs to all our students and enhance their skills to make them experts. Enroll in our courses today, to get the training from India’s best trainers.

Do you provide learning material in this course?

Machine learning is the process of teaching computers to use data to make predictions or decisions. To become a complete machine learning device, the computer needs to be able to to detect patterns without being programmed to. Learn with us to gain each concept with a practical approach at our institute. We provide 15 advanced modules in this course which makes you a machine learning expert. Our trainers provide you with the help of a practical approach. Our training program covers all aspects related to machine learning.

Can we take online classes for machine learning courses?

Yes, you can take machine learning classes from home too as we provide the best online classroom training programs. In online learning, you will gain knowledge on an advanced level. There are 15 highly advanced machine learning modules, each covering advanced concepts and tools that can help new learners to become a complete expert and follow their dream career. We offer advanced learning programs with the help of real-time projects to students to expand their perspectives and gain practical knowledge.

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What is machine learning and deep learning concepts?

Machine learning (ML) is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that lets software programs improve their accuracy in making predictions about outcomes. Deep Learning is an area of machine learning that focuses on algorithms that are influenced by the structure and functions of the human brain. These are referred to as artificial neural networks. Take advantage of our most advanced machine learning program by utilizing our unique curriculum developed by our experts. This course will help you to follow your dream career and make you an expert in the Machine learning field.

What are algorithms?

An algorithm can be described as a set of rules to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. A common example that an algorithm can be found in is recipes that is a set of instructions for making a dish or meal. An ‘algorithm’ in machine learning is an operation which is executed over data to build an algorithm for a machine learning model. Machine learning algorithms are able to perform "pattern recognition." Algorithms learn from data, or fit on a dataset. There are a variety of algorithmic methods for machine learning. Enroll in our courses today to learn all the machine learning concepts in easy format with our experienced trainers at Techstack Academy.

Why is python used in machine learning?

Python programming language is comprehendible by humans and allows it to construct models to aid in machine learning. Because Python is a general purpose language that can perform an array of complicated machine learning tasks . It also allows users to create prototypes in a short time that let you test your software to be used for machine learning. Python offers a robust library and is an object-oriented language, which makes it simple to code. Our machine-learning course in Mumbai offers a complete python learning program at an advanced level. Learn to code python programs and how to use them in the machine learning process with our trainers at Techstack Academy.

Explain the machine learning process.

Machine Learning (ML) is an extremely iterative process and models of ML are derived from previous experiences, by analyzing the data from the past. ML models are able to detect patterns and make predictions regarding the future of the data. Are you also involved in making predictions about something that is based on learning from parsed data sets? You should join our machine-learning course in Mumbai at Techstack Academy and master the different modules with advanced concepts that make up machine learning. This will help you in enhancing your skills to a level.

What is the procedure to handle missing data?

Techshack Academy designed this machine learning course in Mumbai with every feature covered related to ML. We teach you the complete process to handle the missing data. To handle missing data easily there are some set of rules you need to follow with a strategy. There are various models, you should experiment them to know which dataset works the best. Our machine learning trainers will teach you how to handle data with the help of moving rows in order to find the missing values. This is the best course for making your career in the machine learning field.

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June 2019 Batch

Karan Chaudhary :When you have your base clear about the technology, you can easily grasp the knowledge related to the course. In Techstack Academy, it was extremely easy to master the basics, all because of the best trainers of the field. I was from a non-technical background and had no knowledge of technology, coding and algorithms. But after learning from our trainer, I have learned everything easily in a proper way. He is always there to assist me throughout the course. Thank you, Team Techstack for defining my future well! It is the best machine learning course in Mumbai.

Mohit Kumar :In the beginning, I was not sure about the course's objective but after enrolling in the course, I realized that I could expand my knowledge further by joining Techstack because they provide students with in-depth learning programs and internships. The internship proved to be extremely beneficial for me since I learned not just one, but mastered all areas in Machine learning. The entire practical approach helped me in understanding everything in a very good way. Thanks to Techstack for everything. The training I have got here has transformed my life and given a lot of importance to my career and knowledge.

Shivangi Rane :During the period of lockdown I want to do the machine learning course and want to enhance my skills. I conducted a thorough search, and came across the Techstack website. I was nearly convinced by reading the reviews and looking at the pictures on the company website. Everything was online, from my consultation to my demonstration session. This is the best online course session and my trainer provides me with the best learning experience. It is possible all because of Techstack Academy. They have 100% placement assistance also in all courses by which you can find yourself with a dream job too.

Aamir Mirza :Techstack Academy is the best institute for Machine Learning Course in Mumbai and provides the best platform to learn advanced concepts of machine learning programs. I took part in the Machine learning course which covers concepts of python programming in depth and also provides a comprehensive curriculum that was created in such a distinctive method that allowed me to acquire a wealth of knowledge. The most appealing thing about Techstack is that they offer practical training with the help of real time examples. I have also got placed after completing my course from techstack. I am so thankful to the entire staff of Techstack Academy.

Trisha Singh :It was a great experience to be trained from Techstack Academy. They have the best learning environment which encourages you to study more and more. The best thing about Techstack Academy is their experienced trainers as they have the best industrial trainers who have great knowledge in their subjects and also have good healthy behaviors. They will never compromise with the quality of the learning program and teach in a very unique method. You will understand every concept in depth for sure. I would love to recommend this course to each student who wants to pursue his career in the Machine learning field.