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Course After 12th Associated Partner
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Course After 12th Institute in Noida Associated Partner
Course After 12th in Noida Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner

Why Join Techstack for Courses after 12th?

The most common questions among most of the students after completing 12th class, what to do, which course they choose, what career should they follow and many more. They can go for any diploma course or start UG courses and can choose courses in many sectors. The field or course you choose will establish your career in future. You need to make some important decisions without wasting a lot of time. There are many major courses after 12th class for all streams which can be pursued to have booming opportunities.

Techstack Academy provides a variety of top courses in Noida which makes us stand out from other institutions. We have skilled trainers who guide you with the most advanced approach. Techstack puts a lot of effort into learning programs and increasing our student's capabilities so that they can stand out from others and become productive for the corporate world. Our prior motto is to provide the best services in the market as we don’t want any compromise with our learning system. Techstack Academy is the best IT training institute in Noida and provides courses in a variety of domains like digital marketing, web designing, data science, graphic designing, and marketing specialization.

Benefits of doing IT courses after 12th

Technology is the backbone of our society and to cope up with the technology trends, you should do different IT courses. IT is a combination of a variety of technologies like software development technologies, cloud computing, business administration, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and many more. You should choose the technology according to your interest and market trends and give the best to it to build your wonderful career. To follow a promising career, you should do courses from top IT institutes and with top trainers of the field.

  • Top advantages to do IT courses:
    1. Knowledge enhancement
    2. Grow your network
    3. Grow your business or salary possibilities
    4. Earn money
    5. Better Job retention

Top IT courses to join After 12th

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Data Science Courses
  • Artificial Intelligence Courses
  • Big Data Analytics Courses
  • Web Designing and Development Courses
  • Graphic Designing Courses
  • App Development Courses
  • Python Programming Courses
  • Java Courses
  • Video Editing Courses

Criteria of Joining at Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy is one of the best institutions to provide top IT Courses in Noida after 12th. These courses are designed according to the needs of market trends. The IT industry is a very wide field and to make your career, you need to focus on one or two technologies at a time. Our trainers will make you a perfect candidate for IT jobs in Noida by teaching you with a practical approach. To choose the perfect course for you, you need to follow this eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:

There are 3 rounds to check your eligibility:

Counselling: This is the first step towards the best suited course according to your interest, capability and market trends. At Techstack we give counselling to all students and our counsellors provide you important details about courses we have designed, duration and which course can be done after class 12th. We ask some questions at the time of counselling related to your interest, technical skills, and knowledge. According to the answers and our expertise, we decide what courses are best suited for you. These courses have good future scope and provide you the opportunity to make your future. To take admission in these courses, you should have basic knowledge of operating computers. Your future is safe with us and our counsellors will do everything to make these courses the right choice for you.

List of Courses: After evaluating the first step deeply, our expert counsellors make a list of advanced courses which cover your interest. These courses are designed under the supervision of industry experts which covers advanced tools and modules. These courses have some internship programs by which you can learn about current industry trends and working. With the help of a given list by our counsellors, you can choose any course within. You will get the most advanced training with a complete practical approach which covers all the basic to advanced concepts in time. We have designed the best curriculum for courses after 12th in Noida.

Overview: You have chosen your best course for you and now it’s our turn to give you a complete brief about the course. Our counsellors will give you proper detail of your course with internship, assessments, assignments, tools and other important details. Our counsellor will arrange the demo session for you under the faculty who will be your trainer for the rest of your course. With the help of this, you can check the quality and capability of your trainer. You can ask as many questions arise in your mind during the demo session. After that, you can choose which platform you will choose to learn online or offline.

With the help of these three important steps, you will have your best suited course for yourself. This course will decide the path you will follow in future towards your career. To make a career, you need specialization and Techstack Academy provides the best specialty program in IT courses. Our trainers will guide you throughout the learning program and provide you step by step from basic to complete advanced level. To work in industries, you should have in-depth knowledge of each tools, module. We provide proper guidance to all our students and give them extra sessions to prepare for interviews.

India’s #1 Professional Training Program

Faculty and Mentors

With years of experience, our faculty members are here to deliver you a high-quality learning experience both online and offline, whilst providing wings to your tech skills!


Industry Mentors

Award winning faculties

Our Faculty

Career Support

Our well-connected placement team is dedicated to providing you with the best opportunities from the top organizations that are relevant to your profile.

Leading organizations hire our alumni

Successful career transitions

Program Fee

Starting at Rs. 11,000/month

Batch Starting: 24 Jun 2024

Payment Method

We have variety of payment methods in Techstack Academy.

Course After 12th Payment method
Course After 12th Institute Payment method
Course After 12th Payment method
Course After 12th in Noida Payment method
Course After 12th Institute in Noida Payment method
Course After 12th Payment method

Application Process


Fill the application form

Fill the application form to help us understand about you and all your necessary details before you move further to join Techstack.


Counselling Process

Take a word with our counsellor and know-how about the different subjects running at Techstack! Our cooperative process is held to give you the necessary information required.


Join Program

Fasten your seat belts to become an industry-expert by joining one of our courses.Get yourself acquainted with the best of the knowledge provided by Techstack Academy!

Upcoming Application Deadline

Have you filled up our forms yet? If not, then buckle-up before the batches get full! We are waiting to hear from you, and take your career onto the next level, with us!

Deadline: 24 Jun 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Which institute is best for courses after 12th in India?

Techstack Academy is one of the best institutes for learning any technology and courses after 12th in Delhi NCR. They have the best experienced faculties and proper knowledge related to each module and concepts that they are teaching. After completing 12th classes, students face many difficulties to choose which course and field are the best fit for them but here at Techstack Academy, we will give the choices according to your interest, future scope, and understanding after giving right counselling. In the present time, the IT industry is at its peak and it needs fresh talented experts with required skills. Our training programs help you in every way and provide you the right choice of career which you can do directly after 12th in India.

Are these courses after 12th job oriented?

There are multiple courses for 12th students to do right after 12th class. Some students only restrict themselves for only engineering and medicine but there are a lot of career oriented courses available other than these two to choose from. With continuously changing time, there has been a lot of enhancement and advancement in industries, there are many prestigious and advanced courses that have evolved with time. There are many courses available depending upon your aptitude and interests to do right after 10+2.
Techstack Academy is one of the most prestigious IT training institutes in Noida which provide enhanced courses after 12th. Our trainers provide you with a practical approach and cover all the important concepts with the help of tools and new techniques. You will become an expert of the field and can do jobs in any MNCs.

Which courses can we join right after 12th class from Techstack Academy?

Techstack Academy has a variety of courses after 12th in Noida to choose from. You can do any course according to your interest and make your career. These courses are designed according to the latest technologies trends using in industries. The most desired line after the 12th is the Technology field. This IT career path offers unlimited opportunities in the fields of innovation and technology. There has been an increase in enrollments across new-age specialty programs like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing etc. These innovative fields of study offer many job opportunities in various industries.
These are the top ten courses that students can choose from in 10+2. It all depends on their abilities and interests.

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Artificial Intelligence Courses
  • Machine Learning Courses
  • Data Science Courses
  • Web Development Courses
  • Graphic Designing Courses
  • Business Development Courses
  • Video Editing Courses
  • App Development Courses
  • Cloud Computing Courses

Can I earn money after completing courses after 12th in Noida from Techstack Academy?

You have many options to start making money after your 12th grade, both online and offline. First, identify your skills. You can work and make money depending on your skills. You can start a blog or youtube channel if you are knowledgeable about something and have the ability to spread it around the world. You can become a freelancer if you are proficient in video editing or have an interest. Other freelancing niches include graphic design, content writing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. There are many more niches also available in the market to give it a shot. But you can do all this after having speciality in a single special speciality.
Learn with Techstack Academy as we are providing a variety of courses after 12th. We will teach you with a combination of theoretical and practical sessions and clean all your doubts during sessions. We teach you courses with the latest tools by which you can enhance your skills and according to your knowledge, you can earn money. After completing our advanced courses, you can easily make 50,000 INR. Enroll in our courses now, as we are providing the best IT courses in Noida.

Do these courses after 12th in Noida include internships?

Are You Looking for the Best Institute for Courses after 12th? Techstack Academy offers best IT courses in Noida with live projects based training programs with expert trainers. Our courses are designed specially for class 12th students. Our exclusive training program focuses on a variety of Domains and includes deeper dives to help you build a successful career.
Techstack Academy works continuously in the technology field and offers quality training programs and courses after 12th in Noida to make sure you are an expert in your field. After completing the course, our students are able to find many opportunities in their career. We provide certification and our certification can help you get a job easily in MNCs and big organizations. It acts as proof that your knowledge and experiences were verified during interviews. Our students receive 100% placement assistance from our institute and we help them to follow their career. After 12th, learn with Techstack Academy as we are the best institute for courses after 12th in Noida.

Who will be our trainer in courses after 12th at Techstack Academy?

Techstack Academy has the most advanced trainers who have multi-years experience of industry. The main advantage of multi-skilled trainers is that they provide flexibility to students and are always ready to face challenges. They are dedicated towards students and provide ultimate doubt clearing sessions with real life solutions. A great trainer needs more than just experience and needs other skills too like strong communication, the ability to handle different groups of students, advanced knowledge, good behaviour.
Our trainers will provide you advanced knowledge in our course program and give you real life scenarios to understand a topic fully. Our trainers teach students with full dedication and give step by step approaches for each module. We provide 100% practical sessions and give you support throughout your training journey. We clear your concepts and give you placement related scenarios by which you can enhance your skills and it will help you during interviews. Our courses after 12th in Noida provide you 100% job assistance services and you can get good jobs with nice salary packages. Learn with us at Techstack and make your future with us.

Why is your institute known as the best digital marketing institute?

Techstack Academy is one of the top institutes in Delhi NCR for IT courses and we provide advanced learning programs with the help of real time project based training. We specialize in courses after 12th in Noida also as we provide a variety of courses in which you don’t need any degree to take admission. We take admission in our courses according to our eligibility criteria and it involves three steps to check which course is best for you. Our trainers provide the best training programs with a combination of latest tools and technologies updates by which you can easily cope up with the current industry trends.
We are on the top 10 list of best digital marketing institute in Delhi NCR and provide digital marketing courses in three formats: ADM which is Advanced Digital Marketing Course has a duration of 3 months and covers 30+ modules, the next one is CTDM which is Corporate Technologist Digital Marketing Course which has a duration of 6 months and covers over 55+ modules and the last one is PGDM which is Post graduation program in digital marketing has a duration of 1.5 year and covers over 88+ modules. Our most popular course after 12th is CTDM by which you can become an expert and be able to work in corporations. After completing our course, you can earn money by working from home or as a freelancer.
We are providing the best courses after 12th in Noida and give students a platform to make a step forward towards their future. We are experts in the field and provide courses at the best reasonable fees which you can pay with different mediums like Google Pay, Bank transfer, UPI and others.

Will I get practical experience in courses after 12th training programs?

You will receive hands-on training in each module in our courses after 12th in Noida. We also give regular assessments and assignments that will keep you practicing till perfection. These assignments will help you to improve your skills and find the right job with attractive salary packages. Internship programs are offered in our long-term courses. These programs will help you to improve your skills and learn how to manage real-time projects according to client requirements. It is essential to have practical knowledge in order to fully understand the subject. To produce great results you must learn how to use each tool and module effectively and how to make them work.
There are many institutes that offer courses after 12th in Noida. Techstack Academy offers advanced and full-fledged courses covering all the current updates of industries be it tools or technologies or any trend. Once your course is complete, you will receive proper certifications. Online and offline classroom training are available at our institute. TechStack's advantage is that we offer regular assessments and assignments to help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge. We guarantee to offer 100% job assistance in courses after 12th training with placement.
The world is going digital with every day passing. You don't need to worry about any difficulties by choosing an online way of learning from your favorite institute-Techstack. Our students can access online classes on weekdays and weekends at their convenience. Online classes are just as effective as traditional offline classes. You can learn as much as you like in any course offered by our Academy.

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Course After 12th Placements
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Course After 12th Institute in Noida Placements
Course After 12th in Noida Placements

Why choose us?

As we know, your future and careers depends on us, we make sure to deliver a holistic view of the entire syllabus that we provide, helping you attain in-depth knowledge.

Full-Fledged Curriculum

At Techstack, we deliver an amalgamation of courses beyond your field of expertise to help your career reach greater heights.

Step-By-Step Learning

We create a roadmap for your journey, starting from novice to becoming an expert.

Lifetime Support

Your journey at Techstack doesn’t end with the completion of the course, you will gain the status of Techstack Alumni for a lifetime.

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