Words of the Mouth is the unpaid spread of positive marketing from the person to person. It is basically the passing of the message or the information by the means of oral communication.  Word of mouth marketing also called word of mouth advertising differentiates from the naturally occurring word of the mouth. Word of mouth marketing is likely very difficult to control so that two generic routes have been created to serve the purposes of WOM.  In direct management, they have more control in the terms of agents and friend-to-friend schemes.  In indirect management, the managers have medium control for controversial campaigns, consumer clubs, etc.

Words of the Mouth
Words of the Mouth

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Three models of words of the mouth marketing

  • With the many researches and observations the concept of word of mouth strategy was developed which resulted in the formation of three models Organic inter consumer influence model. This model is known as organic because of its natural occurrence as this model is not planned by any organization or the firm. It occurrence depends on he consumers when they want to share their thoughts and experience regarding any product or the service.
  • Linear influence marketing model this model took out the idea of conversations between the influential and the potential customers about a certain product or the service whether it benefits them while purchasing or not. This model makes sure that the impact sources are clearly spreading the word or the message of the organization’s and presenting them is such invaluable way that it target the customer. This can be achieved by the means of advertisements and the promotions. It was found to be one of the positive and effective models which prevents the bad opinions or the reviews of the particular product of the organizations being spread out.
  • The network coproduction this was the third development of the models OF WOM which saw the marketers introducing the one to one conversation programs. This made the conversations between the customers by releasing the information about a particular product or the service this model laid focus on communicating the content or the message through online channels and communities like blogs etc. which indeed gave the chance to this WOM model to work and function online.

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Advantages of words of the mouth marketing

  • It can be referred to as customer program which can be used as the medium to advertise and promote without spending any cost or time as well. His reviews can easily indicate to the other targeted audience, whether the quality of the product is good or bad. This can prove to be very useful to the organizations and the business that have low and limited budget for the purpose of branding and advertising.
  • It establishes the trust between the people about the products as the reviews given by their family members and friends do the work for them. They might not get satisfied by the saying and branding of the companies, but they’re closed one saying leaves a great impact on the quality of the product which in all ways supports the advertising.

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