Top 5c’s modules in Internet Marketing Course in Delhi

Internet marketing: A very important factor of all marketing to understand what we are doing or not. Let’s start understanding basics of 5’c in internet marketing.

What is Internet Marketing?

The Internet or Digital marketing is the process to promote product or services through digital devices on the web. In new trend mostly companies are using digital marketing method to reach the customers and make noise in the market.

5'c in internet marketing
5’c in internet marketing

What is 5 c’s modules in Internet marketing?

5c’s modules are- Consumer, Context, Content, Commerce, Convergence, these 5 C’s is imperative for companies if they follow this method then the chances of growth rate is high. Digital marketing expert is working for consumer attraction. So this method very works entirely for the companies

  1. Consumer: –  Consumer is necessary for business, and the important part for the companies they have to understand customers need, what requirement and expectation from the companies, customer always want best product and services in best prices, that’s why 1 C is essential in 5c’s modern modules in internet marketing. You can also increase your consumer by learning social media use in internet marketing for getting right consumer.
  2. Context :- In context it is important to know behavior of consumers, what they want , why they need, from where they want or who, these all W’s is factor in the digital marketing, we have to know all types of problem facing the consumers to provide best services, and delivered the same thing at the right time.
  3. Content: – On the internet or digital marketing content should be relevance, meaningful and based on business.
  4. Commerce: – Commerce is a platform to buy and sell product or services through off –line or on-line, here we are using an electronic platform to doing business in this trend.
  5.  Convergence: – The last and final C’s is convergence means in this marketing trend which types of technology we use to getting sales and achieve goals, means what our strategy to getting sales is.

Here Commerce means E-commerce, we have to use right types of commerce to achieve customer attraction to getting business. Consumer to Commerce steps are very clear when we make or structure good for customers on the firm .the result will also be good. You can do learn more about internet marketing by doing digital marketing course from techstack.


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