Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida

Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida, Data Science Course is gaining gigantic importance with businesses and corporations rising day by day. Data is becoming more important for research and evaluating the success of these businesses. This is one of the main reasons why the market for skilled and experienced data scientists has reached the level of saturation.

As a result, aspirants who are willing to shape their data science career need to understand how important data analytics is in the current times for businesses.

Data Scientist

Data Science Course: An Overview

The need for data storage increased as the world entered the era of big data. Until 2010, data storage was the main challenge and concern for the business industries. The main focus was on framing and data storage solutions.

Now that the storage problem has been successfully solved by Hadoop and other frameworks, the focus has shifted to processing this data. The secret sauce here is Data Science. All the ideas you see in science fiction movies in Hollywood can actually turn Data Science into reality. Get best data science course in Delhi and become a data scientist.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of computer science. Therefore, knowing what Data Science is and how it can add value to your company is very important. The data we had was usually mainly organized and limited in size, which could be analyzed using the standard BI software. Although mainly structured data in traditional systems, today most of the data is unstructured or semi-structured.

Data is created from various sources such as financial logs, text files, multimedia types, sensors and devices. Simple BI tools can not process this enormous volume and data variety. For this purpose, we need more sophisticated and advanced analytical tools and algorithms to process, interpret and draw useful lessons from it. Data Science institutes.

This is not the only reason for the success of Data Science Course. Let’s dig deeper and see how various fields of data science are being used.

What if you could understand your customers ‘ precise requirements from existing data such as past browsing history of the customer, history of purchase, age and income. Without a doubt, you also had all these data earlier, but now you can train models more efficiently with the vast amount and variety of data and recommend the product to your customers more accurately.

Let’s take another scenario to understand Data Science’s role in decision-making. What if your car was able to drive you home with the intelligence? The self-driving cars collect live sensor data, including radars, cameras and lasers, to create a map of their world. Based on this data, it takes decisions such as when to accelerate, when to overtake, where to transform – using advanced algorithms for machine learning.

Manoj Singh Rathore

It is possible to collect and analyze data from ships, aircraft, radars, and satellites to create models. Not only will these models predict the weather, but they will also help predict the likelihood of any natural calamities. It will help you take appropriate action in advance and save many precious lives.

Data Science Institutes in Delhi
Data Science Institutes in Delhi

Skills of a Data Scientist

The role of any Data Scientist is a massively challenging one! To become an efficient Data scientist, you must possess the following skillsets or you can join Techstack one of the best Data Science institutes.

  • Be very innovative and distinctive in your approach to the intelligent application of various techniques to extract data and gain useful insights to solve business problems and challenges.
  • Have the ability to locate and detect rich sources of data.
  • Have practical experience in the techniques of data mining such as graph analysis, pattern identification, decision trees, clustering or statistical analysis.
  • Use experimental and iterative techniques
  • Develop operational models, systems, and tools.
  • Analyze data and find hidden insights from a variety of sources and perspectives.
  • Perform data conditioning by using statistical tools and predictive analysis to transform data into a useful form.

Components of Data Analytics in Data Science Course

Here are the different components of Data Science:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Aggregation
  • Text Mining
  • Sequence Identification
  • Forecasting
  • Association Identification
  • Optimization
  • Data Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics

All of these components of the best Data Science Course in Noida help organizations and business houses in leveraging their datasets for driving business goals. This eventually helps these corporates in generating increased revenue and also enhances the firm’s productivity. If properly executed, it would also help organizations improve their customer relations.  

Data science institutes in Noida
Data science institutes in Noida

Top 10 Data Science institutes

Let’s be honest. Today, numerous institutes, colleges, and universities are introducing data science courses in India. This is right because of the massive demand noticeable in the data analytics industry around the globe. Today, a number of professionals are needed across the world than ever. Choosing the right college can be difficult at times, and hence we have brought forward our list of the top 10 data science institutes in Delhi and Noida that you can opt for staying updated with the industry.

1.       Techstack

Techstack is one of the leading education providers in the region that offers its students extensive training in data science. The institution is aimed at helping students understand and grab the complex ideas of the business analytics industry. The particular institution has accumulated an average rating of 4.92 stars.

This has been made possible mainly because of Techstack’s in-house team of more than 20 data scientists with extensive industry experience. These professionals have been occupied with progressive research work and many other industrial projects. one of the best Data Science institutes.

Courses – Techstack offers an industry-leading PGP program in data analytics and optimization, Digital Marketing Course, Artificial intelligence Course, Machine Learning Course, Business Analytics Course, etc. It is one of its flagship analytics courses, aimed towards the development of a healthy worker base in the country equipped with the most demanding data analytics skills. Their course curriculum is specifically designed for meeting the requirements of the global analytics sector. The data analytics programs brought forward by Techstack that emphasizes on the popularisation of cutting-edge technology, which also takes the conventional business-analytic methods into account. Techstack’s data science program works towards delivering industry-ready professionals with the most required problem-solving skills.

Pedagogy – Techstack’s pedagogy triumphs over many other leading analytics institutes and universities in India. According to Carnegie Mellon University, Techstack’s particular program equals the worth of CMU’s flagship analytics program. The program’s syllabus is designed in a way that fulfills all requirements and interestingly, all the inputs are taken from the industry, universities, and industry professionals.

Faculty – Most of the Techstack’s faculty members have a PhD from some of the leading data science universities of the world. Techstack maintains a faculty to student ratio of 1:10, which establishes the institute’s dedication towards helping all students to the best possible extent. Not only do Techstack’s faculty members have unparalleled industry experience but some of them also have credible publications in globally leading journals.

External Collaborations – Techstack’s data science program is certified across the entire Asian continent for its high-quality content, assessment, and pedagogy.

Other Attributes – The institute offers a full-fledged classroom system. Additionally, it also uses efficient online learning platforms for helping students grab the greatest learning opportunities. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.

2.       AnalytixLabs

AnalatixLabs has established itself as one of the leading data science institutes, courtesy of an impressive star-studded faculty consisting of former students from IIT, IIM, and ISB. More importantly, the faculty have appropriate industry experience. 

This particular institute has gathered an overall rating of 4.64 stars, thanks to the high-quality educational solution it provides to its students.

The institute interestingly delivers multiple data science training programs to renowned organizations, namely American Express, Cisco, Genpact, Tech Mahindra, Times Group, EXL Services, and last but not the least, the Indian Army.

Courses – The data science courses offered here at AnalytixLabs are extensively mapped to feed the demands of the different job positions instead of just concentrating on the learning tool of the students. Most of these courses are developed by seasoned professionals explicitly and approved. Periodic updates to these courses are also prepared to match them with the ever-evolving analytics industry.

Pedagogy – The data science and analytics courses offered at AnalytixLabs are specifically designed to provide the students with experiential learning. Such courses ‘ general frameworks are also well associated with the traditional project flow. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.

Faculty – AnalytixLabs has a 1:30 staff-to-student ratio, with most faculty members having core experience in the industry. AnalytixLabs faculty members have over 30 years of business analytics and consulting experience. The trainers here at AnalytixLabs have notable experience of working with credible firms like Deloitte, McKinsey, Fidelity, Facebook, and Genpact.

External Collaboration – One of their main partnerships is their relationship with the ADAE (Asean Data Analytics Exchange), Malaysia, to address AnalytixLabs ‘ international collaborations. According to the reports, the HR Ministry of Malaysia has not only recognized this collaboration of AnalytixLabs, but the delivery of programs has also begun.

Other Attributes – The prospective candidates will be given guidance and assistance for profile building and interview preparation after the successful completion of the course. There is also a career referral model that is largely focused on HR consultants and the large pool of ex-students from AnalytixLabs who are currently working in various companies. In addition, AnalytixLabs also allows candidates to register via ILMS or an integrated learning management system for a discussion forum. AnalytixLabs students can easily access study materials, live lectures, and recordings through these discussion forums.

3.       Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy has its headquarters in Bengaluru. However, it offers data science courses in its NCR branch. The institution was founded in 2011. Since then, it has been backed by its strong learning focus as well as external collaborations.  The institute is currently funded by the Manipal Global Education Services. So far, the Jigsaw Academy has helped more than 40,000 Indian students with its flagship programs.

Courses – Jigsaw Academy offers the Data Science Specialization flagship business analytics program. Essentially, the course content is driven by the innovative’ Catalyst Approach ‘ offering industry-driven competitions, case-study seminars, business webinars, live engagement sessions, internships, live projects, and placement plans. The course of business analytics offered here at Jigsaw Academy is best suited for both freshers and working professionals. This course covers not only all essential aspects of machine learning and data science but also aligns closely with the crucial role of data science, data wrangling, model building, EDA and efficient insight generation. Data Science institutes.

Pedagogy – In addition, the ‘ Catalyst Method ‘ approach is the unique training technique of analytics courses offered by Jigsaw Academy that ultimately boosted career growth. This approach offers all that a candidate needs to grow as a qualified expert in analytics.

Faculty – The faculty members in this particular institution have immensely valuable industry experience.

External Collaborations –Jigsaw Academy’s one the massively strong point is its external collaborations that help this institute stand out. It is important for you to know that Jigsaw Academy has external collaborations with Chicago University, SDA Bocconi, IBM, Asian Management Institute, and other renowned companies such as Microsoft, Gramener, HCL, Reliance, Mahindra, Genpact, Societe Generale, WNS, Swiss, GSK, Nokia, Flipkart, and Cognizant. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.

Other Attributes – Jigsaw Academy provides candidates with no prior experience in business analytics job posts and comprehensive placement assistance. This Institute of Business Analytics also holds live competitions, mocks data science interviews and presents banking questions. Besides all that, the Jigsaw Academy helps its students to stay connected for any kind of assistance with the Jigsaw Learning Center.

Website –  

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4.       UPX Academy

UPX Academy was established in 2016. Since then, the institute has successfully become one of the top ten data science institutes in the Delhi Capital Region. It has established itself as one of the leading education providers that offer state-of-the-art training in big data, machine learning, and data science.

The institute boasts to have an overall rating of 4.56 stars. Interestingly, the UPX Academy not only helps students, but also businesses, to stay ahead in the global analytics space.

Courses – The institute offers a 6-months data science course as its flagship program. Their data science program covers a wide range of topics such as exploratory data analysis, data extraction, python, algorithms for machine learning, advanced deep learning, NLP, and much more. UPX Academy’s Business Analytics course provides students with the right opportunity to pursue some global data sets projects from large organizations such as Facebook, eBay, and Amazon. Importantly, UPX Academy’s data science program is best suited for professionals with approximately 1 to 5 years of experience. By giving them access to the cloud lab, this course can provide the right exposure to business analytics students. Data Science institutes

Pedagogy –    The robust analytics program offered here at UPX Academy not only helps students with quantitative learning but also allows them to use real-life examples and case studies to have hands-on experience with relevant topics.

Faculty – The particular academy’s faculties have a combined industry experience of more than 40 years. UPX Academy’s faculty department is filled with many experienced professionals such as Mr. Ratnakar, a seasoned business analytics professional with over 14 years of data science and business analysis experience.

External Collaborations – The UPX Academy is backed by Tech Mahindra.

Other Attributes – UPX Academy not only directs the aspiring business analytics candidates for jobs but also provides them with acquired business analytics skills to improve their resumes. In addition, UPX Academy also offers numerous immersion sessions in the industry to help students connect with professionals in the industry. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.  

5.       Edvancer

Evancer was founded in the year 2013. Currently, it is among the top data science training institutes in India. The institute offers training in data science, big data, and business analytics. So far, the institution has trained more than 5000 professionals.

Edvancer is a joint venture of the IIT-IIM alumni venture and it’s the leading online analytics knowledge hub. The institute’s curriculum has been designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the analytics industry.

Courses –Edvancer offers its flagship data science program. This course is suitable for both professionals and freshers. It is important for you to know that Edvacer’s research course is specifically designed to provide the students with critical hands-on skills across multiple projects and original case studies. Students attending Edvancer’s flagship analytics program are allowed to access all course materials and videos during their lifetime.

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Pedagogy – Edvancer has live online instructor-led classes that are normally provided by experts from the analytics industry. Complete contact with the program teachers and learners is also ensured by voice and talk with the students at Edvancers. This simply means that even the flagship analytics system of Edvancer’s virtual classes functions as a normal class. Data Science institutes.

Faculty – Most of Edvancer’s faculty members are industry professionals, each of whom has at least 5-10 years of analytical and data science experience. Until their training, faculty members at Edvaner are rigorously tested and then thoroughly educated during online pedagogy before being allowed to communicate and take classes with students. Edvancer maintains a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:10. 

External Collaborations – Edvancer has worked with Wiley, one of the world’s largest educational providers that offer Hadoop and Big Data certification.

Other Attributes – Edvancer provides its candidates with placement assistance through its wide-ranging industry network. Edvancer’s comprehensive industry network may include several well-known names such as Cognizant, TCS, Hansa Cequity, ICICI Lombard, Accenture, Happiest Minds, HCL, L&T, and Wipro. In its LMS, Edvancer also provides Q&A forums and discussion boards that students, as well as teachers, can easily access.

6.       IMS Pro School

IMS Pro School  was founded in 2014, and interestingly, it is associated with MSTB – Govt. Of Maharashtra. The institute offers data science courses and other professional programs across different disciplines, such as accountancy, finance, and business. The institution enjoys an overall rating of 4.34. So far, the IMS Pro School has trained candidates exceeding 30,000 candidates.

Course – As its flagship business analytics program, IMS Pro School offers a course in data science and analytics. Essentially, this curriculum is divided into three critical words. The first terms include the fundamental statistical concepts along with regression, excel proficiency, clustering, and market-based analysis. This course’s second term talks about the database of Hadoop, tableau, python, and SQL. Ultimately, IMS Pro School’s third term of this analytics course includes key concepts such as text mining, machine learning, retail analytics, and marketing analytics.

Pedagogy – IMS Pro School’s flagship analytics program is specially designed and prepared on the academic side of business analysis with inputs from professionals and practitioners. This course program is best for both working professionals and freshers who have no prior knowledge of the domain of IT.

Faculty – Most of IMS Pro School’s faculty are students from India’s leading educational institutions such as IITs, IIMs, and ISB. Some of IMS Pro School’s faculty members are the leaders of the business analytics industry start-ups. Data Science institutes.

External Collaborations – IMS Pro School has multiple MSTB – Govt partnerships. Maharashtra and an additional NSE Academy award. In addition, IMS Pro School also has strategic partnerships for content development, project execution, etc. with over 5 business analytics consulting firms.

Other Attributes – IMS Pro School offers placement assistance to all potential candidates who have completed their flagship analytics program successfully. In addition to helping with selection, IMS Pro School also helps students with resume creation and training for interviews. This leading business analytics institute also provides fast access to the Q&A forum and other regularly updated discussion forums for all its students. IMS Pro School also has its own LMS to assist students with their courses in analytics. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.

7.       Ivy Pro School

Ivy Professional School was established in 2007. It is collaborating with large corporations like IBM, Accenture, Genpact, Oracle, Accenture, Deloitte, GE, Infosys, and Moody’s. Ivy Pro School has received an overall rating of 4.22 standard so far, it has trained over 14,500 students as well as working professionals.

One of the unique features of this particular institution is that it promotes the concept of “Learn now, pay when you earn”.

Courses – Ivy Technical School offers a machine learning certification program for data science. Not only is this course tailored for individual learners, it can also allow fresh people and working professionals to learn about the basic principles of data science and machine learning. Ivy Pro School also provides approved intensive courses such as the Certification Course for Business Analytics. This 200-hour certification program may include excellent dashboards, mathematical modeling, SAS, SQL, VBA, etc.

Pedagogy –Ivy Professional School follows a’ See-Act-Interpret-Assess ‘ model to train its students. The analytics courses offered here at Ivy Professional School concentrate on the right amount of theory and principle analysis using the carefully designed reference materials. Finally, it ensures that the participating students understand without much difficulty the basic analytics principles. Data Science institutes.

Faculty – Most of Ivy Professional School faculty members are PhD graduates. Ivy Professional School’s core faculty team has a combined data science, business analytics, and consulting experience of over 100 years.

External Collaborations – Ivy Professional School has been occupied by a faculty of students belonging to different P.G. batches of Jadavpur University, University of Calcutta and other prestigious universities in the United States. Ivy Professional School has also introduced with Genpact an executive risk analysis program. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.

Other Attributes – Over 100 business analytics firms and companies hired Ivy Professional School’s analytics candidates through the committed career center team of Ivy Pro. This institution in business analytics provides lifetime access to Ivy’s unique career site for its graduates. This exclusive job portal analytics helps students with the help of case studies and mock interviews to prepare for interviews.


8.       Edupristine

Established in 2008, Edupristine is a leading provider of financial training in India and elsewhere in the world.

Edupristine is developed by professionals from various MNCs such as Accenture, S&P, Standard Chartered, and Goldman Sachs.

Edupristine offers various courses and certification programs in business analytics to its students with an overall rating of 4.02.

Courses – As its flagship analytics program, Edupristine offers a joint certification course in business analytics. This course of education in business analytics primarily provides statistical modeling, data mining, logistic regression, and predictive analysis. This certification course is divided into 3 different modules, and it essentially covers all essential aspects of data science and analytics, such as core pattern, data variables, random variables, etc. Data Science institutes.

Pedagogy – Edupristine’s online training is about 8 days long for its analytics students. This live-instructor-based online training contains more than 65 video tutorials of approximately 1200 minutes each.

Faculty – Talking of Edupristine’s faculty, most of its faculty members are PhDs. With a 1:30 faculty-to-student ratio, Edupristine supports a combination of business and academic professionals working on large-scale analytics projects. The faculty members at Edupristine are dedicated to helping aspiring analytics students with theory and other basic analytics concepts with a relevant experience of around 5 to 15 years.

External Collaborations – Edupristine has its collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet, one of the world’s leading providers of knowledge, global business information, and insights. It eventually allows Edupristine to offer a wide range of solutions to finance, operations, sales, and marketing professionals. Data Science Institutes in Delhi and Noida.

Other Attributes – Edupristine not only provides its students with 100 percent placement assistance, but also provides them with online forums on the website for experts to overcome all their doubts.


9.       Nikhil Analytics

Launched in 2012, Nikhil Analytics aims to train and deliver in the world of data science and analytics industry-ready candidates.

Nikhil Analytics has trained more than thousands of candidates with a score of 3.90. Focuses on producing skilled professionals who can easily survive in the company they’re working for.

Course – Nikhil Analytics, a leading data science and business analytics institution, offers as its flagship analytics program data science and modeling power pack to aspiring students. This institution provides its students with hands-on training on python, SAS, VBA Excel, tableau, statistical modeling, SQL, and other concepts of machine learning. Nikhil Analytics covers its training course according to the requirements of the industry. Not only are its courses updated at regular intervals, but most of its courses concentrate on modeling, data science, machine learning and data visualization.

Pedagogy – Nikhil Analytics provides its students with proper training, allowing candidates to use their own programs. At first, principles are clarified and then practical work is delegated to the candidates. Data Science institutes.

Faculty – Nikhil Analytics has a staff-to-student ratio of 1:10, with broad industry experience for more than 6 of its faculty members. With additional certification programs from renowned universities such as MIT, NTU, etc., all faculty members at Nikhil Analytics hold the highest degree.

External Collaborations – Nikhil Analytics partners with NTU Singapore to provide interested candidates with specialized machine learning training.

Other Attributes – Nikhil Analytics claims to provide its students with 100% placement assistance. This renowned business analytics organization also performs mock interview sessions to ensure their candidates ‘ better performance.

10.   Imarticus

Established in 2013, Imarticus is now one of India’s leading educational institutions for business analytics. This empowers major organizations and individuals to fulfill their expertise and human capital requirements.

Imarticus has trained more than 20,000 analytics candidates worldwide with an overall rating of 4.20.

Course – As its flagship analytics program, Imarticus offers a graduate program in data science and business analytics. This course program includes all the basic concepts as well as hands-on application of various analytical tools such as python, SAS, R, and tableau. Interestingly, this course’s curriculum is that it not only provides its students with theoretical knowledge of data science techniques but also helps them gain exposure to various business perspectives.

Pedagogy – The Data Science and Analytics Pre-degree course program offered at Imarticus is very much practical. The course allows students to be prepared for different job responsibilities in analytics with the necessary skill sets. Data Science institutes.

Faculty – Imarticus has a 1:15 staff-to-student ratio, and most of Imarticus ‘ faculty has more than 10 to 15 years of industry experience.

External Collaborations –Genpact, a global leader in digitally-driven services and process management, primarily endorses Imarticus ‘ DSP system.

Other Attributes – Imarticus maintains a CAS or Career Assistance Services department that provides students with 100% support through its data analysis and analytics platform as well as helping them move through a wide range of career options.

Website –  

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Scope of Data Science Career in India

The scope of the data science profile is constantly growing across the world, including in India. Data Science has now turned out to be an important part of any business to enlist all-important insights into data. Investigating Data Science requires several key aspects. This includes the amalgamation of the right resources, the right business goals, the right business culture, the right technology and the right commitment of top management.

When it comes to the demand for Data Science professionals in India, ‘Data Scientist’ has emerged to be one of the highly sought-after job profiles. It is a highly desired job profile mainly because it combines business and analytical skills. Additionally, the Data Scientist position provides a lucrative income, which is why many working professionals find it to be the most attractive employment. Data Science is a relatively new discipline. Therefore, a Data scientist’s future career path is not well-defined. However, an accomplished data scientist still has numerous opportunities. Some of the job options are mentioned below:

  • Data Researcher
  • Data Developers
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst

Scope of Data Science Career Overseas

Outside India, there are a plethora of employment opportunities in some of the most prestigious corporate houses. If you own an undergraduate or a master’s degree in Data Science from Data Science institutes, you can eventually add enhanced value to your resume. Here are the several career options for Data Scientists available abroad. We have mentioned some of this in our list below: 

  • Data Scientist/Analyst
  • Big data Analytics Specialist
  • Market research Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Program managers
  • Management Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Marketing managers

Various Interview Questions for Data Science Course Aspirants

In case you are one of the interested people who wish to fuel your career as a Data Scientist, you should know some of the things that we are about to mention here. These include some of the common questions asked during recruiting a data scientist.

Key responsibilities of a Data Scientist

Here we have mentioned some of the key roles and responsibilities required to become a Data Scientist:

  • Planned thinking approach
  • Problem-solving
  • Co-operation
  • Suave communication skills
  • Technical skills
  • Management skills
  • Logical skills
  • Capability to transform
  • Client orientation

Q1. What is the Central Limit Theorem and what’s its importance?

Answer: Suppose our aim is to estimate the average height of a group of people. It’s impossible to collect data of all the people across the world. Instead, we can sample some people. Therefore, now the question becomes what is the average height of the entire population depending on a single sample. The Central Limit Theorem addresses this very question.

Q2. What is sampling? How many sampling methods are there?

Answer: Data sampling is the statistical analysis technique used for selecting, manipulating, and analyzing a representative subset of data points in order to identify patterns and trends across the larger data set that is being examined.

Q3. Figure out the difference between the type I and type II errors.

Answer: When the null hypothesis is true but is rejected, a type I error occurs w. On the other hand, when the null hypothesis is false, but erroneously fails to be rejected, a type II error occurs.

Q4. What is the statistical interaction?

Answer: An interaction is when the effect of one factor on the dependent variable differs among levels of another factor.

Q5. What is selection bias?

Answer: Selection or sampling bias occurs when the sample data that is gathered and prepared for modeling has characteristics that are not representative of the perfect, future population of cases the model is about to witness. Therefore, the active selection bias occurs whenever any subset of the data is systematically excluded from the analysis.

General Data Science Questions:

Which programming languages and environments are you most comfortable working with?

Which is your favorite statistical software and what are some of the pros and cons about it?

Mention an original algorithm, if you’ve created any.

Explain a data science project that you worked with a substantial programming component. Tell us everything you learned from that experience?

Did you contribute to any of the open-source projects?

Clean a data set in (insert language here)

What type of coding did you do in your last project?

Q6. Tell us about the two main components of the Hadoop framework?

Answer: They are: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN, and MapReduce.

Q7. Tell us how MapReduce in simple words.

Answer: MapReduce is essentially a programming model, which enables the distributed processing of large data sets on compute clusters of hardware. First of all, Hadoop MapReduce performs mapping that involves splitting a large file into many pieces for making another set of data.

Q8. Which data types are supported in Python?

Answer: Python’s built-in data types can be segmented into numerous classes. These are: numeric types, sequences, sets, and mappings.

Q9. Tell us the difference between a tuple and a list in Python?

Answer: Tuples are immutable. However, apart from that, there is also a semantic distinction between the two that often guides their usage.


In reality, the Data Science profession is an excellent career opportunity for all those people who have the ability to develop solutions, analyze and evaluate data, and manage numerous individuals at a time. Across India, as well as outside India, there is an excellent career potential for data scientists.

Nonetheless, having a strong knowledge of analytical tools, domain field, and experience in database management will eventually lead to a successful data science career. In case you want to advance as a data scientist on your career path, make sure you select the right career opportunities and choose the right business analytics institute to be excellent as a professional and successful business analyst.