The Golden Rules of SMS Marketing, Well everyone tries SMS Marketing to market their product. You may also have done this for yourself or your company in which you are working.

But is SMS Marketing successful?

For some of them it is successful and for of them it is just waste of money.

What makes SMS Marketing successful?

Well I have come up with the Golden Rules of SMS Marketing which will help you achieve your aim while doing SMS Marketing.

So, here are the list of 8 rules which you should follow:

i) Make Sure all offers are High Value.

ii) Personalize the message.

iii) Show respect towards customers.

iv) Your offer should be Irresistible.

v) Create a sense of Urgency.

vi) Get to the point.

vii) Engage on Multiple Platforms.

viii) SMS offers should be exclusive.

Now, I am going to show you an Info-graphic which you might like.

Golden Rules of SMS Marketing
The Golden Rules of SMS Marketing

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Let us now understand these Golden Rules of SMS Marketing in depth one by one:-

Make Sure all offers are High Value

The first and the most important golden rule which you should follow is making sure that all the offers which you send to the customers are of high value. If customers will find their profit in the offers then only there are chances that you get a good response from them.

Personalizing the message

The second most important golden rule is personalizing your messages. This is the general human behavior that if you personalize the message then it will have twice the effect as normal message. So don’t ever forget to personalize your messages.

Show respect towards customers

When you send SMS to your customers always greet them with a beautiful message and then start with the main topic of the message as why you have sent this message.

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Your offer should be Irresistible

Give offers to the customers which they cannot resist. You can take the example of the Flipkart which follows this golden rule to make customers purchase the product from their app even if you don’t have need for this product.

Create a sense of Urgency

You must have seen the Xiaomi following this golden rule to sell their mobiles just in seconds after the availability. They simply tell people that only limited stocks is available for their product and they also show the countdowns through the help of banners in Flipkart and when the time comes people rush to buy their mobile and in seconds they are out of stock.

Get to the Point

Whenever you send an SMS to your customers always try to clear your subject of the message as soon as possible. If you will send the unnecessary messages then the customers will backout with reading the message which you want to convey to them. So, always try to be on point.

Engage on Multiple Platforms

Whenever you send a message always give links to your social media pages and tell your customers that they can connect with you on social media also. This will increase the trust of the customers.

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SMS offers should be exclusive

Always give the exclusive offers to your customers. Giving the same offers after and after will not benefit your business and with time customers will lost their interest on you and will ignore your messages.

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