Social media marketing has emerged as the biggest player in the world of online marketing in recent years. according to a survey conducted 92% of business owners and organizations claim that their sales and traffic increased dramatically with the help of soocial media marketing. social media is the place where you can gain hundreds and thousands of loyal  and engaging followers for your brand and business. you can share each and every latest product and service with them and your tarffic will automatically boost because of your follower’s

social media approach
social media marketing

Here are some of the best social media channels for building for your followers and increasing your traffic


facebook is the most active social media channel in the world right now with over 1.7 billion users all  around the world. Its the most favourite social media channel to run your ad and boost your sales. if you have a large fan following on facebook, you dont necessarily run ads for your products. you can just share with yout fans and boom, get ready for big sales. but if you are a new brand and want to make your business profitable very soon, you need to run facebook ads for your products and services. facebook has a very cunning form of advertising. it is not in the form of annoying popups which force users to bounce on other websites. Its in the form of pages you create for a purpose and facebook will your ad pages in users feed very cunningly without letting users realising that its an ad. its a win win situation for both users and business owners. Thats the uniqness of facebook ads.

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social media facebook ads
facebook ads usability

Building your reach using facebook

facebook is the best place to increase your reach. it has a lot of potential for both users and end products. by creating a page and working on its optimization you can gain a lot of reach/ followers/fans. inorder to gain your reach quickly if you ant traffic to your website you must run ad for reachability. facebook asks for the category of digital marketing campaign you wnat to run. If you just wantv traffic to your websites you must select reach. once you start getting visitors on your blog or website you can convert them as your potential buying digital marketing customers eventually.


Instagram is another powerful social media channel for promoting your product and brand . it is now a subsidiary of Facebook but still it has over 500 million active users and is considered the best photo sharing app all over the world. more than 700 million photos are shared on Instagram daily. instagram has a sepaarte business tool fro brands and business owners to promote their products. the process is same as facebook . you have to ceate a business page and then promote your products through their ad service which is only shown to business profiles. instgram business tool is best for B2B service where business owners can contact each other for collabrations.

building a large followers base on instagram is the most interesting part. once you have over 100K followers , you dont need to worry about reach. you can just post relative photos on your page with a clickable link in bio and you can expect huge amount of reach and sales on your website .

socila media instagram profile page
The Perfect Instagram Profile page

Google plus

Google plus is considered a very authoritive way to promote your websites content. Its is mostly used by bloggers to bring traffic to their websites  because shariung on google plus is considered a major ranking factor. among all social sharing platforms google plus ranks on top , ofcourse its a service by google and it should rank on top.

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Twitter is the best place to know about major happenings in the world and you can find the latest trends on Twitter and write blog posts on your website related to that. using this you can bring a lot of traffic to your website. they run ads in the form of promoted tweets which let a large no of users click on your content. thus bringing a lot of traffic to your website

There are other social media channels all around the world like Linkedin, Snapchat, etc but these are the most used social media platforms for promoting brands and awareness.

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