What is a search engine? What are its functions, and how does it works?

Search Engine : By now you must be having a vague idea that Google is a search engine? But, what do you know beyond that about Google engine? First of all, Google is not the only search engine. Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc. are also search engine. So, what is a search engines? In a layman’s terms Search Engine is a internet based tool that allows the users to find almost any information on the world wide web. You must have entered a keyword term, like “what is google” or “how to make an omelet” – the idea is whatever you want to learn or understand on the internet, and Google or any other search engines shows you the results relevant to your query. That’s the functionality of search engine. Search engines do not work on the internet. In fact, they provide databases of information that users want to find out on the internet.

search engine
search engine

How Search Engine Works ?

To answer the question how do search engines work, well they use different type of automated software applications called robots, spiders , or simply bots. These bots crawl all over the web with the help of links between pages to pages and websites to websites. Every function that search engines use to crawl pages and websites, read information on the pages, evaluate the information, and retrieve information is very complex and based on different mathematical formulas. You can learn more about search engine by doing digital marketing course from techstack.
Therefore it is quite difficult to understand find out how do they search, evaluate, and retrieve the most relevant information. Besides, each search engine uses a unique algorithm, so what’s in the top ranks on Google’s SERP may not be at the top or even in prominence on Yahoo’s SERP, and vice versa. To make things even more complicated all the search engines continuously change, update their algorithms. So, the tactics that are working for your website and pages may not work in the future. The key point here is to stay updated, go by the rules of the search engines, use your observation, and don’t be afraid of trying something new, after all it’s all about trial and error.

Still, there are some key points based on which every search engine shows the results. They are: Search engines see only the text on your webpage and the underlying HTML structure to evaluate the relevancy to the search term. Content is key, so make sure your content is best. Using large images or fancy Flash animation don’t carry a weightage on the eyes of search engines. Truth to be told, it is quite difficult to build a Flash based website that is as friendly to search engines.

That’s the reason Flash websites rank lower the websites coded in HTML and CSS languages. In addition, keywords are also very important. They are the terms that a user enters in the search field on search engines. You can use keyword to make your website or webpage appear on top of SERPs. Use the keyword on your pages, do a proper SEO, and your website/webpage may have the chance to appear on the top.


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