Organic Result vs paid result: There are two types of results we get in the search engine are one is paid, and the other is free which we called as an organic result. For paid results, you need to pay google on a per click basis and for the organic result, you need to work on Google guidelines for ranking.

Difference between organic result vs paid result:

Benefits of Organic Results

If you get the top position in search results in organic then you can get a high amount of traffic without giving a single penny to anyone. Getting the first position in the organic result is not one day task for anyone. You need to work on Google 200 factors for SEO. You can learn all 200 SEO factors from our digital marketing institute in Delhi.

There are two types of SEO in digital marketing. One is on-page SEO, and another one is off-page SEO. Around 70 factors come in on page SEO, and other factors come in off-page SEO. In on page SEO, you have to work on a content part, and in off-page SEO, you have to work on quality backlinks.

It takes time to rank in search engines. The average time duration for SEO ranking is 1 to 2 months for any keywords.

Organic Result Vs Paid Result: Which is Better?
Organic Result Vs Paid Result

Benefits of Paid results:

This is paid option in which you are paying Google on a per click basis. You can do this by working on Google AdWord ( Google AdWord is a tool for the advertiser who can create ads directly with the help of this tool ). In Google AdWords, we put bids on keywords. If our bid and quality score are good enough, we will rank in a top position within 10 minutes. But if your budget is exhausted, your ad stops running in search results.

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In starting, you can use this to get business in starting stage of business. Paid results are only helpful when you are working on potential keywords. If you are running your ad on low potential keywords, you won’t get any leads and business.

Conclusion: Organic Results give you long-term business, and paid results give you instant business.

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