Why do you Learn SEO as a Marketer?

Why Learn SEO as a Marketer: The success of every marketer on the Internet in the first place to get the visitors depends. Every online business has no value without visitors targeted. Among the most important and the best ways to get visitors are visitors to search engines. Almost every successful website depends primarily on visitors coming from search engines.

There are two ways to get visitors from the search engines: paid way is that you pay for a search engine such as Google so that your site appears in the first or second page dedicated to advertise the place. The second way is to create your site in order to be a friend to the search engines or appropriate for the way in which they operate search engines and this is what is called Search Engine Optimization, which shortened so SEO and Arabic means configuration and in the search engines and abbreviated SEO.

Search engines do not declare clearly and fully all its own way in the ranking of search results, but there are a lot of aspects and axioms and fundamentals that SEO experts recommend how to make your site receives the highest possible result in search engine results. This is the SEO industry.

But the question here.

Why all mail marketer must learn the SEO?

It is not intended here to devote your entire life to learn how to improve the position of your site or others (if you work for is more driven) in the search engines. But here we will join a variety of reasons that will lead you to at least learn the basics of SEO.

Marketer Learn Seo
Learn SEO as a Marketer

You must learn SEO until you get to the best possible use, which already owns the content in your site.
As we mentioned a moment ago that the best way and the largest to get a huge amount of visitors on an ongoing basis and be free through natural search engines. Maybe that comes to your mind now famous saying “content is king,” I agree with you that the content was a key player in the rankings in the search engines and still and will keep the key player. But good content without consensus with the search engines will not come to you the result you would expect in most cases.

Imagine that you are working as an entrepreneur jewelry shop and there is a committee will scan your store in order to classify a list of the best jewelry stores. You know that you have the best jewelry stores compared OTHERS.

The final decision Trusty do anything extra convinced that you will get a first place as an entrepreneur best jewelry shop at all. And you have a colleague owns a shop with products of lower quality of your products, but it was smart and try as much as possible to collect the largest possible number of information about how the evaluation committee and the criteria on which they depend in their assessment and how they look to the shops and live every product out. So he changed the decor shop in proportion and taste Committee and arranged all the products in an orderly and uncluttered and shows its beauty.

In the end, he won the first place as the best owner of a jewelry store you although you possess more quality jewelry. Why do you think the reason? To return to our subject Sioux Applying this example to our theme, we find that the owner of the site at least for efficiency and quality of the content was clever in the use of the Sioux even got a first result in the search engines you that you are the owner of the site content more quality.

Now you will leave the owners of the sites at least the quality of your site in terms of content in order to get the best from your site in the search results Order? If you answered no I deserve to get the best results for my site in the search engines. If you learn the SEO.

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