Lead generation in the digital marketing is checking of the customer and the client interest or the inquiry of the product or services of the business or the work. The leads created can be used for many purposes like list building or the sales lead. The methods which are used to build the leads come under the means of advertising but can be done from some of the unpaid sources such as search engines or the existing customers.

There are many sources and the mediums which are used to make the lead like the web or the internet, advertisements and the events. A lead is actually is allotted to the individual who then follows it up where an individual gives his reviews about the deal and the business that whether the deal done with the client has the potential to do the business or not. After that, if the lead gets converted to an opportunity for the business. The opportunity then has to go under many sales stages before the deal is won.

Lead generation
Lead generation

There are three types of the Lead generation

  • Sales lead This type of leads are generated on the basis of the criteria such as age household income etc. these leads are resold to the many advertisers. Sales lead can be followed up the emailers, skype etc. it can also be generated through phone calls. These type of leads are found in the insurance and the finance leads.
  • Investor leads It is also the another type of the sales lead which is used to attract the investor in an investment and provides the certain exchange of the return on the investment in the form of interest, dividend, profit sharing or assets appreciation.  Many techniques are used in this process like investment surveys, investor newsletter subscriptions or through raising capital or selling databases of the people who expressed their interest.
  • Market leads In the direct contrast to the  sales lead  the market leads are only done for once to target the selected audience with the unique advertisements offers.

Impact of the social media

With the growth of the social network and the increased use of the investors and the consumers in the social websites, social media is used by the business and the organizations to generate the leads or have massive gains in the opportunities. With the regular usage of the internet and the web and to reach the target audiences many companies actively participate on various social networks in order to find the talent groups or find the market for their new product and the services.

Online advertising

There are two pricing models in the online advertising that use used to generate the leads.one of this model is the cost per mile model in which they charge the advertisers the number of times viewers views the advertisement. The major problem in it is even the people does not click on the advertisement but the advertisers will be charged. This problem has the solution in the second model which is the cost per click in which the advertisers is only charged if when the consumers will click on the advertisement. You can learn more about the Lead generation by digital marketing course from Techstack.


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