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Join Affiliate Program: People who know “what is affiliate program” are either the professional online marketer or people who are learning it. In addition, it is the different businesses that know “what is affiliate program and how to make money through affiliate marketing?”. It’s true that affiliate marketing gives a vast options for earning money online. But, like traditional/offline marketing you have to be very careful where you invest. Many individuals don’t do a proper research before joining an affiliate program and that’s why they end up losing time, effort and money.

Join Affiliate Program
Join Affiliate Program
A budding affiliate marketer can join an affiliate program in many ways. He could either join Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Impact Radius, CJ, and other affiliate marketplace. Or, become a member of a product’s in-house affiliate program. What’s easy in affiliate marketing is joining an affiliate program. The hard part is promoting a product. You have to spend days and nights and need a lot of resources to promote a product. Besides this, the other thing that you should be concerned about is “payments”. As rewarding affiliate marketing is, there is always a risk of you not getting paid for all your efforts. This is the reason why people have so varied reaction to affiliate marketing. You can also learn whole affiliate marketing by doing digital marketing course from techstack.
So, if you are thinking of joining an affiliate program with an aim to succeed and don’t want those headaches, given below are some points that you should check before you join any affiliate program. You should make a check-list of these for your reference.
Checklist: Points to check before joining any affiliate program:
1. Make sure that the payout methods of the affiliate program. Situations are there, when a program doesn’t supports a payout method for a particular country. Imagine you promoted a product, and after giving your blood and sweat on the promotion you earned one thousand dollars. But, there is no acceptable payout method for your country and so you can’t get paid. Doesn’t it sounds like a horrifying nightmare? In case you have already joined an affiliate program, ensure to check it’s payout method. Here are some of the most popular payout methods in affiliate marketing: Paypal, Direct bank deposit, and check.
2. Make a point to check the minimum payout threshold of the affiliate program. Minimum payout threshold is minimum amount which the marketer has to meet in order to be eligible to get paid. That means if you are under the minimum payout threshold you will not get paid despite the hard work you put on promoting the product. Generally, it’s $50, but it may vary. Many marketers don’t check for the minimum threshold beforehand, and since they don’t reach the threshold, they don’t get paid. That’s why they feel cheated and give up affiliate marketing.
3. Ensure to do your homework and check the reputation of the affiliate program/network that you are going to join. Many new programs promise big commissions, but at the end of the day they don’t pay you. As these programs have nothing to lose, so they don’t mind a couple of bad reviews. Always join a program of a reputed company or reputed marketplace. To name some include: ShareASale, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, iTunes Affiliate, etc.
There are several other points to check before you Join Affiliate Program. You could begin with the above mentioned. At least, it’s a start!
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