Digital marketing cannot be complete without talking about Google Analytics. To become a great Digital Marketer, you need to have the knowledge of Google Analytics. Before entering into Digital Marketing world, understand the importance of Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing Course and why you need to learn this.

The performance report is a must thing to analyze the growth of any business. If you don’t know which points you need to focus on to enhance your business, then you will not see the optimized results.

For any Digital Marketer, to find out how effective a campaign has been, how well the website is performing on different devices, why the conversions are not being made, it’s all important to understand to make the effective changes possible.

To make a great marketing strategy, you need to know what are your weak points and what are your strong ones. This can only be understood with the help of Google Analytics.

Let’s take a look at Google Analytics now.

What is Google Analytics?

Importance of Google Analytics in Digital Marketing Course
Importance of Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing course

Google Analytics is an online tool that helps you track down and analyze the traffic data of a website. It gives you a detailed report of your website’s performance i.e. the number of visitors, page sessions, conversions, etc.

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Importance of Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing course report is divided into five major sections:

1.Real Time:

This section shows the website’s real-time performance. The number of active users present on the website, their location, conversions made, etc. All of this data is in real time. This report is helpful when you have made some changes and want to see on the spot if it’s working.

2. Audience:

This section is very important to understand your traffic’s behavior. In this section, you’ll see what are your visitor’s interests, their demographics(age & gender), location, etc. It also tells you what device and network they are using. You can also find out how many new visitors have you gathered and how many have revisited. The audience section gives you the most details of the traffic. You can track down your old data also and make effective changes accordingly on the website.

3. Acquisition:

The Acquisition section helps to check whether the traffic coming is through paid campaigns, organic search, referrals, direct, or social networks(Facebook, Instagram, etc.). This helps you understand which source brings you more traffic. Now, with this data, you can focus on what brings you more traffic and enhance that, and also optimize other sources which are not giving you good results. This way help you optimize your paid campaigns, keywords, and social media networks.

4. Behavior:

Behavior report gives us the detail of the actions performed by the visitors on the website. The number of pages visited by the viewer, the page from where they exit, average time spent on a particular page. You can also find out which page has the most engagement and which is having a higher bounce rate. This can help you optimize your pages and improve your engagement with the visitors.

5. Conversions:

This metric is used to track down your sales and is very helpful for e-commerce websites. You can set your goals and track down if that goal is completed or not. With the help of this, you can see if the conversion made is achieved by a paid campaign or organically.

For a better understanding of all these metrics, you need to learn and get a Google Analytics certification from a Digital Marketing Institute and start analyzing data.

What is the importance of Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing

Let’s say, you have a great digital marketing strategy but what is it that makes your competitor better? The answer is Google Analytics.

You will learn SEO, Google Adwords, E-commerce marketing in a Digital Marketing course but if you also have the knowledge of Google Analytics, you have an edge over your competitors.

In Digital Marketing, you will continuously need to update your website according to the trend. The best way to know, what is working for you is to check your website analytics.

Knowing which networks bring you more traffic, you can make a better marketing strategy. If you’re able to analyze which social networks bring you more traffic, you can optimize your social media accordingly. By setting goals, you can see if everything is going according to your plan. If not, then make effective changes accordingly with the help of the data.

This way Google Analytics has a lot more benefits and it plays an important part in Digital Marketing.

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The data that Google Analytics gives you is so valuable to make any changes in the strategy. If you have experience in Google Analytics, then you can help any business to grow at a faster rate.

So, without Google Analytics, any Digital Marketing course is incomplete. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Course which includes Google Analytics in their module, then Techstack is one of the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi. You’ll not only learn the theoretical part of Google Analytics but also practically work on it. To avoid some common Google Analytics mistakes, it’s better that you join this institute.

Now, you know the importance of Google Analytics in a Digital Marketing Course and where to find the best training. What are you waiting for then? Get started with your Digital Marketing Training right now.