How to gain quality backlinks to your website

what are backlinks ?

To be very simple, lets say backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one web page to your website or any other website/page. the more backlinks you gain,the more popular your website will be.its like someone gives a shoutout to you on instagram or youtube. but in case of websites its given in the form of links not verbal or by post like instagram.

The importance of backlinks

if you have started your new blog or website ,the first wish you make is to get a lot of traffic and that can’t happen unless you rank on top 3-4 pages on google on any keyword. to rank on top on google, you need to build a required number of backlinks to your website and that number depends upon the keyword difficulty. to check the keyword difficulty of any keyword use Ahrefs.Its one of the best tools to analyse any keyword and backlinks to your site or any of your competitiors site . e.g., if the keyword difficulty is 10 for a particular keyword, you need to get approx 20-25 unique backlinks to your website in order to rank on first page on google on that particular keyword. so to get a hell lot of traffic, building backlinks is the primary job.

gain quality backlinks
building backlinks to your site

How to gain backlinks to your website

there are a lot of methods to gain backlinks to your website. Here I am listing the most effective and widely used methods for building backlinks:

> blog commenting

you come across a lot of blogs over the internet and most of them provides the option of commenting on their blogs for readers to get insights of their own blog. when you comment on someones blog ,your are required to fill mainy three options – your name , email id , your website URL  and your comment. The most important part here is your website url and your comment. when you are commenting  make sure you comment something relevant to the article or else your comment wont be approved. in the websites url field, write the URL of your website or any particular page of your website to which you want the backlinks. commenting on any blog doesnt guarentee you backlinks , the owner of the blog has to approve your comment to get backlinks.

>article submision

there a lot of sites which offer you to write articles on their websites . you can put your websites link on any of the keywords in your article and after approval your backinks come in count.

>social bookmarking

social bookmarking is a centralized online service which allows users to add ,edit and share bookmarks of webpages. social bbokmarking increase the UR and DR of a webpage at a fast rate which is considered a major ranking factor.

>directory submission

directory submissio is the process of submitting your websites link on online directories. with directory submission we can improve the UR and DR of a webpage

>forum posting

forum posting is the act of engaging  and writing on a thread by leaving comments on a thread posted by user.

>pdf submission

this is a way to sybmit pdf related to your website or any keyword. the main importance of this is to creat a high ranking page

>video submission

video submission refers to submitting videos with your websites link in description on various video posting sites such as youtube, vimeo,etc

>guest posting

a lot of blogs offer us to write posts on their blog , we can write blogs for them and submit our link their

>profile link building

profile link building is a worthwile SEO technique in which users build themselves a social profile on various social channels and forums and submitting links on those channels

>image submission

image submission is a process of submitting images with alt attributes related to your keyword and linking to your site

There are a lot of other ways of building links to your site such as web 2.0 submission and press release but the above listed methods are the most effective and widely used methods.

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