Google Featured Snippet: While making a search on Google, you must have seen sometimes that there appears a box at the top showing a small piece of content related to what you have searched. These few sentences inside the little box are called featured types of snippets. You can try this yourself by searching “how to make an omelet” in Google. You’ll get a small box with content relevant to the steps for making an omelet.

Featured Snippet in Google

Now that you have understood what is a snippet, let us see the advantages of a snippet.

Since Google shows search results featured snippets from the web right at the beginning, thus the advantages are obvious: higher number of clicks, increased visibility, and more conversion. And, this is the dream of every SEO. You can learn all about these snippets by joining digital marketing institute in Delhi from Techstack Academy.

Featured snippet seems that featured are highly advantageous for your website. So, how to get your content in Google’s SERP?

Featured Snippet
Featured Snippet

The first thing to do in the process is to determine the keyword. There are already excellent keyword research tools available out there. Google’s Keyword Planner, WordStream, SEMrush are some of the best keyword planner tools that you can use. You should understand that featured types of snippets are primarily associated with questions. So, as you are doing keyword planning and coming up with the right question keep in mind terms like what is/are, why is/are, how to/is, why, etc. For example: what is digital marketing, how to get higher traffic to your website, etc. However, also remember that these are just a few of the terms and there could be more.

Now that you have your right question prepared, start researching for the answer. Collect as much information as you can, and finally frame the answer in such a way that it is the best answer. While you are framing the answer also keep the fundamentals of content writing in mind.

So, you have your content ready. The next step is to do the SEO. You simply can’t skip this step just because you think you wrote the best possible answer to the question. If you have noticed the on snippet the Google SERP belongs to one of the websites/URLs that are ranked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on the SERP ranking. Now the question arises as that whether a snippet can be from only the pages with the high ranking? Yes, but not always. In some cases featured snippets belonged to URL with SERP ranking from 4 to 70.

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What if your competitor also made a page/blog to answer a question and his content is showing in the SERP related snippet. You could beat his snippet by closely observing his content. The point is there is always a chance of improvement. There might be some point, some step which your competitor’s content is lacking. Add that missing part in your content and you have a chance of beating his snippet.

So, there you have it. You now have a little understanding of featured types of snippets and get your content in the SERP featured snippet. Are you now targeting it?