Digital Marketing Trends for 2018: After the arrival of the new year everyone is busy in searching for new Digital Marketing Trends that will rule in 2018. It is one of the most hot topics right now. Since Google is changing its algorithm and making changes to show the most relevant results, many of the website owners have suffered a huge traffic loss and some of them got penalty also.

Here is the list of 7 Digital Marketing Trends that will rule in 2018:-

i) Content Marketing

ii) Visual Content

iii) Engaging Facebook Content as B2C Social Media Platform

iv) Engaging Tweets as B2B Social Media Platform

v) Use of Infographic

vi) Visual User-generated Content

vii) Interactive Content

Below I have made an Info-graphic for you which will help you understand the topic very clearly.

Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing Trends

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Let us now describe all the trends one by one:-

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to the marketing of the content on the websites which people tend to read. This can be a perfect medium for a brand to be connected with their audience.

Some of the tips for content marketing:-

i) Write useful content.

ii) Highlight your brand in the content.

iii) Use storytelling content.

iv) Publish your content on the authoritative websites only.

v) Attract audience towards your company’s website or blog.

Visual Content

Visual Content is exploding at a very fast rate. People are using YouTube more than ever. Every second, a lots of videos are uploaded and watched by the people. Google has also started recognizing the visual content and started ranking them in the search engine result page. The coming time will have more video results in the google search since people tend to watch video more than reading an article now.

Points to make visual content more compelling:-

i) Make unique videos

ii) Do not use other peoples videos

iii) Make content engaging to increase the watch time

iv) Always tell the most important point at the last of the videos.

Engaging Facebook Content as B2C Social Media Platform

As Facebook is used by the consumers so it is a B2C social media platform for Businesses. Here you can promote your brand and also make relationship with your customers.

Always use images and videos in your Facebook posts which will make your content more engaging and intuitive.

Engaging Tweets as B2B Social Media Platform

Twitter can be used as a B2B social media platform as most of the businessmen uses the twitter and many of them remain active in twitter. It can be used to get leads for B2B business, make relationships with the working professional etc.

Use of Info-graphics

All of you know the power of Info-graphic. How it can help a blogger or company attract the audience from the others blogs. I have used one info-graphic in the post also to engage my audience.

Visual User-generated Content

Visual User-Generated content refers to the heavy use of multimedia in your content to make your content more attractive and appealing to the consumers. This technique is followed by many bloggers to make their content user-friendly and engaging.

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Interactive Content

Interactive content refers to the content which takes inputs from the consumers. It can be in the form of polls, surveys or taking someones thought in the form of word. You must have seen the polls created by bloggers on their Facebook which attracts the people on the internet and increase the reach of the bloggers.

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