Digital marketing scope and its current need!

Its a no brainer to say india is changing digitally and at a rapid rate and with that the digital marketing scope is increasing exponentially. With the advent of DIGITAL INDIA , everything is going digital at lightning speed and for that companies and government organizations need people who are internet freaks or who understand the language of promoting their brand online through digital marketing.

India is a young population with over 800 million youths and more or less everyone is busy on the internet most of their time either for fun or for purpose. Companies make use of this behaviour of people and promote their products or brand themselves at places where people spend most of their time on internet such as google , facebook,etc. Now here comes the need of  digital marketing .This is exactly what a digital marketer does. He bridges the gap between services of a company and internet users through digital platforms by increasing their visiblity on internet.

Digital marketing scope
Digital marketing scope

The rise and rise of digital marketing

Digital marketing scope graph has been exponentially increasing over the last 5-6 years in the whole world and will be going in only one direction i.e., upwards in the coming years. India is in no mood to be left behind. in a survey conducted, more than 2.5 lac jobs are to be created alone in the digital marketing sector in 2017 and jeez its going to be one of the highly demanded skills in India. LinkedIn ranked SEO/SEM (search engine optimization/search engine marketing) as the 9th most demanding skill in the world in 2017 and this is just one module of digital marketing.

Digital marketing and its modules :

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Social media optimization
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Gooogle adwords (SEM)
  6. Google analytics
  7. Google adsense
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Mobile marketing
  10. Email marketing

There are a lot of sub modules and it can be further divided into 25 modules but mainly these are the core modules of digital marketing and everything revolves around them.

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How to kickstart your career in digital marketing?

with so many modules and the industry continuously evolving, the digital marketing scope is at its peak. you just have to find your perfect niche. At the beginning level, you just have to get insights into each and every module thoroughly and work on each segment separately, and as time progresses find your comfort module and continuously work on that.

the question remains however: do you need to pursue a course in digital marketing?  

some say its good to learn digital marketing by yourself but many wont agrees with that including me. you need someone in the form of trainer who will be by your side guiding you how to do stuffs. well to keep it short I would only say that you can not learn the art of gaining backlinks to your blog/website by yourself. you can ofcourse learn it by yourself if you have a lot of passion and do a lot of research but that will take a lot of time and energy.

in order to save your time you need to be smart by taking a course that will help you get a strong kick . I will strongly recommend you to take a digital marketing course covering all modules. There are a lot of digital marketing institutes which offer online and offline courses. you can take either of them as per your satisfaction.

Pay scale in digital marketing career.

at the beginner level, a fresher with any graduate degree can easily earn upto 25000 and this can go even higher if you negotiate with the recruiters as per your skills. after six months this salary can go upto 40000 easily. the demand in this sector is very high and the supply of quality candidates is still less. so recruiters are willing to pay more than engineers and MBA freshers because digital marketers give them lead generation and that is very important to them.

The best part of digital marketing jobs is that you dont have to be satisfied  only with your salary,there are very high incentives on lead generation but for that you will have to impress your recruiters and give them really high conversions through leads and this can be done if you play your cards right.

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High paying modules .

The most high paying jobs in digital marketing are through google adwords and social media marketing because these two lead to very high lead generation and thus enormous incentives. you can double your salary easily if you work on these modules with passion.

In 4-5 years you can become the digital marketing head and your package will skyrocket instantly. I am not discussing the income through freelancing here but its easily understandable you dont have to rely on your salary if you are a digital marketer. you can grab projects from anywhere around the world because everyone wants visiblity on internet.

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