Digital marketing is one of the highly paid jobs in the world . it’s one of the most interesing and evolving field. its one of the rare careers where you dont require a degree to become an expert. Anyone who has a passion to learn digital marketing can become an expert. so to differentiate yourself from the crowd and to look professional digital marketing certifications are very necessary.

Here are the two most valuable digital marketing certifications :

  • Google certifications:

    It is one of the most valuable digital marketing certifications .There are two certifications provided by google for an individual to be called google certified :

     1) google adwords certifications-

    The Google AdWords certification is an expert accreditation that Google offers to people who prove capability in fundamental and propelled parts of   AdWords. An AdWords accreditation permits people to show that Google remembers them as a specialist in web based publicizing.

    You have to pass 2 of the AdWords affirmation exams to wind up distinctly an AdWords ensured proficient — the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one   of the accompanying: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising.

     Adwords certification exams:

    > AdWords Fundamentals – in the AdWords Fundamentals exam  essential and halfway ideas, including the advantages  of web based promotion  and   adwords, and best practices for overseeing and advancing AdWords crusades is covered

    > Search Advertising – in the Search Advertising exam  fundamental and propelled ideas, including best practices for making, overseeing, measuring  and  enhancing look promotion crusades over the Search Network is covered

      > Display Advertising –  in the Display Advertising exam  propelled ideas and best practices for making, overseeing, measuring, and upgrading Display   crusades is covered

     > Mobile  Advertising  in the Mobile Advertising exam  the fundamental and propelled ideas of versatile publicizing, including promotion  arrangements, offering and focusing on, and battle estimation and enhancement is covered

    > Video Advertising  – in the Video Advertising exam  fundamental and propelled ideas, including best practices for making, overseeing, measuring,  and  enhancing video promoting efforts crosswise over YouTube and the web is covered

      >  Shopping Advertising  – in the Shopping Advertising exam  essential and propelled ideas, including making a Merchant Center record and item  information bolster, and making and overseeing Shopping efforts is covered

    Once you get certified, you’ll be able to share your certification status with others by showing them your personalized certificate or Google Partners public profile page.

    digital marketing certifications
    google adwords certification

      2) google analytics certifications-

    The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certification  is an exhibition of capability in Google Analytics . It is accessible to those person who have passed the  Google Analytics IQ exam. The exam covers fundamental and propelled Google Analytics ideas.

This incorporates points, for example :

> arranging and standards

> usage and information gathering

> design and organization

> change and attribution

> reports, measurements, and measurements.

  • Facebook Blueprint certifications :

    Blue print certifications are among very valuable digital marketing certifications. These are intended to quantify propelled level competency in comprehension and applying the aptitudes required for Facebook promoters.

    currently there are two certifications available:

    1) Facebook Certified Planning Professional

    This qualification is granted to advanced publicizing experts who are capable in arranging fruitful Facebook promoting efforts. The FCPP  have the capacity to exhibit competency in the accompanying regions:

    >Expertly overseeing Facebook Pages

    >Choosing and using Facebook publicizing goals

    >Focusing on groups of onlookers for most extreme effect

    > Completely using Audience Insights

    > Enhancing span and recurrence

    > Executing arranging methodology and best practices

    > Comprehension and gaining from Facebook’s estimation arrangements

    >Altogether seeing how Facebook items can be bundled into promoting and correspondence procedures

    To accomplish this qualification, you should take and pass the accompanying exams:

    > facebook advertising core competencies

         > facebook certified planning professional


        2) Facebook Certified Buying Professional

This certification is granted to advanced promoting experts who are capable in making and purchasing.  The FCBP have the capacity to exhibit competency in the accompanying territories:

> Expertly overseeing Facebook Pages

> Choosing and using Facebook publicizing targets

> Overseeing, making and obtaining Facebook promotions

> Focusing on groups of onlookers for greatest effect

> Enhancing execution and conveyance by means of the promotion closeout

> Advertisement KPIs and revealing

> Comprehension and testing the Facebook pixel and SDK

> Utilizing buyer bits of knowledge and the item index

> Investigating promotion issues

               To accomplish this certification, you should take and pass the accompanying exams:

            > Facebook Advertising Core Competencies

            > Facebook Certified Buying Professional

                 All digital marketing certifications are valid for a period of 12 months.

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