Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata: Data Science is a top-notch methodology to achieve strategic and sustainable developments, in emerging fields that required deep understanding or to leverage the base skills to expertise. Huge demand for individuals possessing analytical skills, and a wide chance of data handling allow them as ‘Data Scientist, approaching with the advanced techniques.

Technology for future insights necessarily to choose a simple and whole frame like a directory in order to be effective in the corporate world.

Techstack Academy

Data Science is a statistical analysis to draw the model and/or define new patterns based only on Data resources. And in a way to be possible the seconds of search, and available unlimited support to process the natural language with the best of environments or services we operate. To upskill these Data Science and involved methodologies with only the right way to the choice Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata. Expertise in the process of services data-driven objects routes use of experienced AI architect or engineer.

Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata
Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata

How the world needs Data Science:

In the major world conflicts such as financial stability, climate change mitigation, sustainable developments, etc. Governance is to know each considerable change in order to subtle favor work, to draw the right system. And the derivations may introduce the possibilities that data science is a must and adopt an academic topic.

How are the Enterprises involved in Data Science:

  • Big data, recently every organization involved to a large amount of data eventually the maintenance levels up to the privacy and majority in operations. Involved intelligence in the process can be the solution to store, retrieve, and changes a huge amount, so the Artificial Intelligence techniques and Machine learning algorithms are to solve and set the patterns for ease in processes.

  • Cloud computing, is the enhancement of the process to the effective ready platforms which can be private, public, or both i.e hybrid cloud. Cloud computing services are really helpful to data storage, computing power, security, and privacy, the main key point in reducing capital amount awareness. Mainly these services deploy to enterprise development and/or operations such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), and Function as a Service (FaaS).

  • Cloud automation, digital tools the advancement to the repeated process, and adopts the built-in infrastructures to formalize the process fast, DevOps concepts to learn for cloud automation, and Applied Data Science courses. 

  • Natural language processing is a general search that simplifies the patterns to involved better assistance such as voice assistance, automated chat process, and many other features built through Machine learning algorithms to better assist AI.

  • Automation, the wide adopted concept includes, Industry control systems, computer control such as PLC’s, and the ATM, which is recent advancement by the practical scenarios helps to develop these innovations. IIOT (Industry Internet of Things) is as general to industrial control systems with advanced communication technologies. Which is a layer model, the physical layer deploys the real values of the conducted process and better supervision, it is the process to clear definition industrial olden techniques to the modern automation. As we introduced some of the main terms which hold in the IT sector and one of the leading sectors to the better solutions part of customer support and/or client such as Desktop automation, and automated voice solutions. To deploy these to the advanced level Data Science courses to learn the routes and scenarios which is practical data helps to design new and more advanced.

Know the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata:

1.TechStack Academy

Techstack Academy

TechStack Academy provides real time expertise to adhere the excellence in teaching and learning, Data Science, and course structured in order of technologies and techniques to the practical side atmosphere of learning, to attain the professional spirit is the key to being placed in top MNC’s, and consistency in many industries including, private sectors, individual business, and government sectors. 

The modern era is running as the tech giants to compete for the future holdings name Innovated skills, better sustainability is the choices we do learning each at our path and to upskill the career of each student, the individual’s deliberately emerged in the run. To ease the path TechStack excellence to expertise training set the achievements and milestones in the career choice one in the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata. TechStack Academy holds the award-winning status in favor of services best ever Education. Join techstack to also learn data science course in Delhi.

Learning at TechStack

  • Career mentorship and live demo classes to the specialized courses.
  • Course duration and structure to achieve excellence in the course of the job, additional hands-on project handling.
  • Knowledge of the subject webinars, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures by professional subject experts.
  • Intensive learning, internship experience, and a Well-versed portfolio.
  • Credits to the good placement.

2. DBA

Learning the data science course scores the passionated career at DBA is one of the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata. Data Brio Academy is to explore the top-notch solutions along the trend Data science is the ever growing industry featured subject, unpassionate to learn or either deploy to the consistent businesses.

  • Modes of Training: Data Brio Academy provides both classroom and online support
  • Course offered: 
  • Year of Inception: DBA was established in the year 2013.


BIBS is in the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkota, BIBS is a top class business school focussing on an MBA in data analytics and data science which covers the concepts of business as technical skills and for emerging Data scientists, also providing so many industry certifications, to pursue the degree course duration and structure should no count to BIBS learning for life. It is another institute for data science institutes in Kolkata.

  • Modes of Training:
  • Courses offered:


AILABS teaches Data Science in different modules, maximum of three different course modules which cover the data science programming and fundamentals, for analytics part of the data institute also provide machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in core classes. Course structure and cost may go high to complete job level experience, AILABS is one of the Top 10 Data Science institutes in Kolkata, covering Management development programs.

  • Modes of Training: AILABS supports online and offline training.
  • Courses offered: data science series introductions on python & R programming languages and data science Foundations to tools.

5. Apollonius

Apollonius course structure is one year PG diploma that covers the topics in data science and the course costs the career growth of individuals. The return on investment with the course and other structures pays a huge difference,  and the training Academy Apollonius is one of the Top 10 Data Science institutes in Kolkata. Apollonius training included job oriented courses in data science and artificial intelligence and future possibilities may hold jobs, Data scientist, Data analyst, business analyst, ML specialist, and data administrator.

  • Modes of Training: Apollonius promote training online and Offline.
  • Course offered: As Apollonius course outcomes cater more to learn the topics are Statistical methods, database management systems, operating systems, fundamentals of analytics, data communication, and networking, object-oriented analytics, object-oriented programming, data mining, and big data, machine learning and etc

6. Praxis

Praxis is one of the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata, teaching data science in a clear course structure and course duration of nine months to complete with placement support.

  • Modes of Training: Praxis completely teaches in the classrooms.
  • Courses offered: praxis course structure covers modeling techniques, analytic concepts, technology&tools.

7. Ivy Professional school

course duration is given for almost two years to expertise in the field, ivy professional school is one of the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata. ivy professional school provides the Data Science course to students who are ready to widen their skill and knowledge base on top-notch industry topics. 

  • Modes of Training: ivy supports classroom, online and self-paced learning.
  • Course offered: Predicative modeling, core analytics, and automation techniques.

8. Hondson School of Data Science, Management and Technology

Handson school interactive course helps students have a career in data science, and it is one of the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata . AI and machine learning domains work for future career industries.

  • Modes of Training: Handson school supports online learning.
  • Course offered: Basics of programming languages Python and R, statistical analysis with python and R, and analytics.


EXCELR Domain-specific data analysis which boosts up the career to the industry need of employment, also lifetime e-learning access, EXCELR is one of the 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata. And future insights for the courses they offer on the specially analyzed cost structure online and offline. 

  • Modes of Training: EXCEL offers classroom, online classes, and student self-paced lessons i.e recorded lessons.
  • Course Offered: EXCELR course structures the Domains which emerged in Data Science Industry trends, applications in the Practical scenarios to the specific Field.

 10. Nimble tech

Nimble tech is a tech teaching institute in the Top 10 Data science Institutes in Kolkata with almost to last of search and the course endorse the possibilities to learn the data science course, and the structure windup to the python based library analysis, AI and machine learning techniques.

  • Modes of Training: Nimble tech supports both online and offline
  • Courses offered: Implementation of python program in Data science and machine learning.

FAQ’S on Data Science Institutes in Kolkata

  1. Which is the best Data Science Institute in Kolkata? Institute is to be best with the top insights which are to know deep subject routes eventually the possible best career you choose is TechStack Academy and excellence of learning guides to be successful up to the industry milestones. Techstack is the best data science Institute in India.
  1. Who can enroll in the Data Science courses in Kolkata? Students from any stream can do this course because the future scope it receives is definable for growth individual’s and/or any Organisation can adopt this to be sustainable and fruitful. 
  1. What will be the duration of the Data Science course in Kolkata? Lectures in the field of an interdisciplinary domain which is completely in analyzing aspects of choices and/or chance in favor of tools and experience, leverage the expertise in the specific Domain.
  1. How many modules are in the Data Science course in Kolkata? Data Science course structure crafts to deploy the methodologies in various ways i.e in order to predict, and/ or create definite attributes. This involves a deep understanding of the languages in which is we are working with particularly advanced machine algorithms. Maximum probability is to define the future-oriented with the resources involved, technologies, and Intelligence. The emerging field covers major parts of development on accounted modules of Industry and Business practices, here TechStack has thirty plus modules to learn what data science emerges. 
  1. How are the Placements in Data Science in Kolkata? As we discussed earlier foremost first section of placements and opportunities, Data Science founds future possibilities over the years to make systematic developments, a process found to process ready in every industry and all sectors needed to adopt If percentage do hundred percent intelligence.
  1. What mode of training is better to learn Data Science in Kolkata? Students are likely interactive to the new atmospheres it is in an online class or classroom. Expertise is like managing their time with learning and that is how a professional career has been built, no matter where the situation goes learning endures the strength to learn more.
  1. What are the requirements to do Data Science in Kolkata? Since we work on statistical analysis starting with Data Science, the processor of the machine is between the recent Generation’s of Computer, and accessing speed is must be fast to do multiple tasks and basic programming knowledge to write code curio’
  1. What will be the fees for the Data Science course in Kolkata? The course structure emphasizes the duration and the expertise level of the course, emerging routes for clear. The possibilities of return investment decide this is logic max 25k-300k.


Almost all knowledge is better to choose an institute so here TechStack Academy with every insight for students to professionals, grasps the knowledge and handover practice real-time works, up to the best training institutes in Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata. Data-driven technologies are mandatory to know each and follow every aspect that is covered here to know more about the course structure’s significance to institutes.

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