Data Science Course in Delhi: Exploring the curriculum Based on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAAP) Research Curriculum offers a wide selection of elective modules from traditional statistical techniques to real-world application with an emphasis on business data management and strategic planning. The first course modules of this program comprise core requirements such as information systems, data analysis, statistics, probability, and statistics. 

The next two modules comprise advanced topics such as information theory, decision trees, linear and logistic regression, cluster tables, lattice-work, mathematical programming, application methods for statistical analysis, exploratory design, visual modeling, domain understanding, financial modeling, social scientific computing, software engineering, human-computer interactions, and knowledge representation. 

Other topics of data science course in Delhi include applied research methodologies, project management, software development, usability, distributed systems, usability assessment, usability testing, usability standards, usability criteria, usability research, problem-solving, distributed computing, work methods for various types of data processing, problem analysis, design and creation, visual data visualization, and knowledge construction.

Data Science Course Introduction The first course modules of this program to introduce students to statistical concepts, such as probability and statistics. After basic statistical methods, they learn about probability density functions, logistic regression, maximum likelihood estimation, lattice-work, and graphical data analysis using Python, Sci Python and R Programming.

Data science course in Delhi
Data science course in Delhi

Curriculum Of  Data Science Course In Delhi 

Data science course covers topics such as multiple regression, logistic regression, optimal solution method, generalized linear model, simplex approach, nonparametric statistical tests, and constructivisms for nonparametric statistical analysis. These are just some of the topics that students learn in this exciting science course.

Students who wish to pursue a career in data science training in Delhi, India can pursue either campus-based or Online learning options. Full courses are available at Techstack training academy Delhi. These full courses are customized to suit the requirements of students who pursue in this field.

Techstack Institute offers classroom training as well as online study programs, providing suitable options for busy professionals to learn data science courses in Delhi, India. For students, who are unable to attend regular college classes, the courses are also made available on audio and video mediums. These options help students to study conveniently at their own convenience and pace, with adequate practical training.

Training Institutes – Delhi As per the curriculum of this data science course, candidates enrolling for this program must complete eight hours of classroom training. Subjects taught in this course are Introduction to Science, Statistics, Processes & Methods, Analysis of Data, Programming Languages, Information Concepts, Analysis of Databases, and Information Sciences. The institute that offers accredited information science courses in Delhi is Techstack Institute.

data science course in Delhi is designed to train aspiring students to work as business analysts in various industries across the world. This program was first introduced as an associate degree in economics in 1970 and has now become one of the famous business schools all over the world. 

Students pursuing the course take up subjects such as Applied Microeconomics, Databases and Enterprise Data Management, Economic Theory, Economics, Fluctuations in Prices, General Business Modeling, International Business and Managerial Analysis, Pricing and Capital Markets. Those who complete their graduation with a bachelor’s degree have an excellent platform to progress further into upper management positions and even into research positions in areas such as Biotechnology, Cosmology, Engineering, E-Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology.

With the rising need for data scientists, both working professionals, and self-made professionals, Delhi NCR has emerged as a hub of IT careers and job opportunities. If you are a working professional and looking forward to making a career shift then you can enroll in any of these data science courses in Delhi to obtain your certification. 

There are many corporate companies located in Delhi NCR that are hiring professionals on a project basis and hence, you can expect an excellent chance to work and earn money in this regard. Companies such as Google, PwC, HCL, and IIT Delhi are among the best employers of data scientists and thus, it is advisable that you look up Career Point to know more about the jobs in Delhi NCR.

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