Content Strategy : By now, you must have understood that content is king in digital marketing. If your content is good, informative, clear and addresses the reader’s query, it will have no problems clearing Google’s standards. And thus, your content will be placed high on the search engine result pages or SERP. The content in this context doesn’t confides just to the textual information on your pages and blogs. But, content in digital marketing is a spread-out term and includes images, videos, gifs, and other forms of multimedia. It is only if you work on all these aspects of content marketing, then your website moves up on SERP.

Important Points in Content Strategy

Why is it important to make a content strategy is because since you will be working on various kinds of content for your website or blog it becomes necessary for the content to be usable, useful, and well structured so that it can be found easily and improve the user experience. To state it simply, your content has to be meaningful, engaging, cohesive, and sustainable. And, this can be only achieved through proper content strategy making. You can learn more about content strategy by doing digital marketing course in Delhi from techstack.
Content Strategy
Content Strategy
Now that you have understood what is content strategy making, let’s focus on the next step which is how to make a content strategy that will drive traffic to your website or blog.


The very first step in content strategy making is to understand that for producing compelling, useful, and sustainable content one has to follow the content lifecycle with different stages. One has to follow the steps in chronological manner without missing or skipping any of the steps. Below is a step by step explanation of content strategy making:


Step 1. Content strategy making starts with the most basic stage of any strategy making process, and it is research. In step one, you have to do a research on your target audience. The content has to be about your audience interests. Some question to ask yourself here are: who your target audience are, what kind of person they are, and what are their interests?

Step 2. In next step, based on the audience, their interests and common search terms, create a list of keywords. You could pick five different long tail keywords.

Step 3. Once you get the idea of keywords, start researching again. But this time you’ll be researching the information about the things that your audience likes. You have to dive deep so that you gain the best and most knowledge about the topics. You could use the web to find information. Another option is to contacting the experts in your domain personally and interviewing them.

Step 4. As you have gained sufficient knowledge on different topics related to your domain, next step is to strategize the type of content. Like said before, content can be of different types and they can be published on various platforms including blogs, visuals, audio, video, emails, social media, webinars, etc. Find out what type of content your audience likes and where do they like to have them.

Step 5. Next step is to creating content. Start generating content of different kinds for all platforms. Also, over the time develop your own style and personality that distinguishes from your counterparts and attracts audience. Plus, make a frequency pattern for content and keep your content coming.
That were the steps of content strategy making. Follow these fundamental steps and can develop quality content that drives traffic to your website or blog.
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