Biggest Google Algorithm Update in 2016

Google Algorithm: A process of changes in Google search engine. These updates occur on twice or thrice on a yearly basis. But the year of 2016 will be the most shocking year for any blogger because Google did significant changes in the 2016 year. If you don’t know about this changes that mean you are not aware of digital marketing.

Google Algorithm Update
Google Algorithm Update

Let me tell you the name of Google Algorithm Update of the 2016 year

  1. Adwords Shake up: In a search engine, we have 10 organic results and 11 paid results before this result. We have 3 on the top and 8 on the side of the search engine. Google has changed top 3 ads into 4 ads and removed 8 side ads.
  2. AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ): Google has given a more importance to website or web pages who initiated amp in their websites. It enables your web pages a more user-friendly. It removes unnecessary javascript and makes web page more readable. It is more beneficial for that kind of sites like a newspaper, news, blogs, etc.
  3. Unconfirmed Update: Most of SERP tracking tools like Moz, ahrefs, semrush had noticed this dramatically changes in SERP. But Google did not announce any changes that they had done.
  4. POSSUM Update: An update for local business listings. Google had noticed that there are more than one business listings of the same business. Google had removed unauthorized local business listings from the search engine.

If you are not updating yourself time to time that means you are not improving your web results in the search engine. Creating article on a daily basis is good but working on them time to time is very necessary. You need to improve your SERP on a daily basis by working on this updates.

Conclusion: You can follow Moz, SearchEngineland, and Search engine journal for more Google algorithm update. You can also connect with Matt Cutts on his Twitter account for more updates.

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