Learn from a Digital Marketing Institute, Why is my online business not getting hits? How can I bring my website on the top Google search engine’s results? Why am I not getting traffic on my website? These are some of the questions people ask when they don’t have complete knowledge of SEO. To find answers to all these questions, you should learn SEO from a Digital Marketing Institute so that you can avoid these SEO mistakes.

Common SEO mistakes to avoid:

The reason your business is not growing is that you are not focussing on your SEO or it could be that you are following the wrong steps. Find out what are the common SEO mistakes that you are making:

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1. Wrong Keyword selection

This is the most common mistake everyone makes while making an SEO strategy. Keyword research is the most important part of SEO for a website. If you don’t select the right keyword, then you won’t see good results.

2. Keyword stuffing

When it comes to putting the keyword in the content, people overdo it. This is known as Keyword stuffing. To avoid this mistake, please make sure that your keyword density is maintained up to 1%. Stuffing your keyword more than required is considered a black hat technique and this may result in a bad reputation of your website and to your brand.

3. Missing image optimization

Image optimization is one of the points many people miss while making an SEO strategy. Writing down alt text for images helps search engines in ranking your webpage. Not many take note of this point and make a mistake. So, learn the basics of SEO from a Digital Marketing course and avoid these common mistakes.

4. Uniqueness of content

Google appreciates if you have unique content on your website. If you are using duplicate content or spin content on your website, then Google can see that and it ranks your website accordingly. It’s better to write unique content and engaging content, which will bring more traffic to your website.

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5. Title tags & Meta tags not unique

Title tags & Meta tags are really important from an SEO point of view. If you write Title tags & meta tags with your keyword in it, then it helps Google to understand what your content is based on and ranks it accordingly. So, avoid this mistake and write unique Title tags & Meta tags.

6. Sitemap not indexed

A sitemap tells the crawler that these links are ready to be crawled. If your sitemap is not indexed then Google has not indexed those pages/links. Don’t make this mistake because many don’t even know that they need to index their sitemaps regularly.

7. Only focussing on On-Page SEO

If you think you have done On-Page SEO and that’s enough for your website, then you are wrong. Off-Page SEO plays an equally important role as On-page. Building good backlinks helps in improving your website’s reputation. So, don’t forget to do the Off-Page SEO of your website.

8. Not having a responsive website

The responsiveness of a website is a major factor that engages your traffic. By responsiveness, we mean that the website should be equally user-friendly on mobile devices as well as the laptop. Not every user is active on laptops. Sometimes your audience comes from a social media profile and goes directly on the website. Now, this audience is mostly mobile users. So, it’s important to have a responsive website. Learn from a Digital Marketing Institute.

9. Forgetting Analytics

Analytics is an important part to see if your SEO strategy is working or not. Most of the people don’t understand what is it that needs to be checked and worked on. Analytics will help you in understanding where is your traffic coming from and you can optimize accordingly. Learn from a Digital Marketing Institute.

10. Not focusing on Local SEO

Targetting the local audience is very helpful for a specific region-centric business. It’s better to add your business on Google My Business listing and get more business from the local traffic.

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Now, you have seen the common mistakes people do while doing SEO. If these mistakes can be avoided, then your SEO score will improve rapidly and that will show on your website’s ranking. All these mistakes are very basic and as a Digital Marketer, you must check these points while doing an SEO audit. Learn from a Digital Marketing Institute.

Learning SEO is very important if you want to avoid these mistakes on your website. Without having proper knowledge of SEO, you cannot grow your online business. To avoid the above mistakes, get in-depth knowledge of SEO from a good Digital Marketing Institute.

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