Accelerated Mobile Pages, as it’s popularly understood or quickened mobile pages, is an open source framework that fastens the rate at which mobile pages load. The framework allows folks reading your content on their mobile phones to read it quick. This raises the number of people who read your content. The framework increases the loading speeds of the websites by stripping out elements that induce web pages to load slower on mobile. These components include JavaScript and third-party scripts.

Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages in SEO

The apparent importance of this framework is that your mobile pages load quicker. As a publisher and marketer, your content is visible to many folks. Studies reveal that up to 40% of people may depart from your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Now since your site will be loading fast, the bounce rate will probably be low hence your content will soon be viewed by lots of people.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another importance of the Accelerated Mobile Pages framework is that you get to rank high in the search results. If you are keen on Google algorithms, you must know about the Mobile geddon algorithm. This really is an algorithm that rewards websites which are mobile friendly. You will be rated high since your site will currently be mobile friendly. High ranking not only means more readers, in addition, it means more money.

Is Accelerated Mobile Pages for you?

While AMP has the clear advantage of increasing the site rate, it comes with many constraints. Since the framework doesn’t allow JavaScript and other third party elements, you won’t be able to have on- page comments, lead forms and other elements.

To adapt the constraints that come with the framework you will have to rewrite the template of your site. You should rewrite your content in order for the content in CSS is less than 50KB. In addition, you need to deal with your pictures where you have to ensure they use the amp-img element. You also have to embed the videos utilizing the amp- video custom tag.

When it comes to the post, you have to include a special tag that lets search engines detect the AMP version of your post.

How to get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the event that you are ready to cooperate with the limitations of the framework, you should go ahead and set it up on your site. The very first thing which you should do is install the Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress plugin and then activate it. You must then edit the .htaccess file. You should also edit the CSS to make the Accelerated Mobile Pages look and feel like your site.


Your site rate increases so upping your viewpoints. In addition, it gives a better user experience. As mentioned previously, for your site to take advantage of these characteristics you need to follow a group of rigorous regulations. You will certainly have a bulge in your search results in the event you are comfortable with the constraints.

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