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Do Twitter Marketing Tools Work?

Do Twitter marketing tools work? Before we ask this question, first we have to ask, "Does Twitter marketing work?" If the answer to the first question is "Yes" then the tool that best uses Twitter's marketing capabilities could give real results. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report recently released by Michael A. Stelzner surveyed 900 marketers to determine if social media are resulting in actually increased business for online marketers. According to survey results, the answer is, ...

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4 Essentials for Successful Twitter Marketing

Successful Twitter Marketing : With well over 100 million users, Twitter is the 2nd most popular social media network on the Internet. Twitter has become a favoured marketing tool to stay in close communication with a network of followers by "tweeting" brief messages on a regular basis. Assembling a dedicated following is a target for any Twitter marketing campaign. Here 4 essentials for successful twitter marketing. 1. Be Timely : Successful Twitter Marketing Twitter is about quick, short, ...

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