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7 instagram marketing tips to build your brand

Instagram as we all know is the most popular photo sharing app now. it has over 500 million users cross the globe and more than 700 million photos are shared everyday. these are huge numbers . so you dont have to worry about  your audience when you are thinking of instagram marketing, you will get a huge reach of varied interests. instagram marketing has become more popular than facebook advertising because of its simplicity and mainly because its a user  friendly app and the best photo ...

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5 benefits of using facebook advertising for your business

facebook advertising is the most useful and effective method for driving sales and traffic to your business or website. its mainly bescause facebook is the worlds most popular social networking site and billions of people are active on facebook everyday. its the most favourite place on internet where people love to spend theor time. we have to admit it now , internet is our virtual home now and facebook is its garden. we spend most of our time on internet whether at work or at our real home. ...

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