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A briefing on the new Google Keyword Planner

Google has announced that they are replacing the older key word tool with a new key words planner. Sometimes so on Google is replacing their keyword tool with the new planner so we shall need to understand how to use it - whether we want it or not! It is certainly distinct in the keyword tool in terms of the interface nevertheless when you start playing around with this I think you may agree that it's far easier to use. Below are a number of the differences of the new key word planne...

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why college education wont help in your digital marketing career

Digital marketing career is one of the most interesting and thrilling careers .It requires great passion and control on your adrenaline rush which includes anxiety, fear , joy of success,etc but the most important of all ,digital marketing career requires Critical thinking which no college can teach you. college eductaion is surely important but to those who want to excel in a particular stream and want to spend most of their life following one stream .for example if you want to be a civil ...

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