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Mark Zuckerberg launched a new website named ‘Thefacebook’ on February 4, 2004. He named it after the directories provided to Harvard university students for getting to know each other. It was first restricted to Harvard university students only but eventually they expand it for all. In 2004, Sean Parker (Napster founder and angel investor) become company’s president and change its name from ‘Thefacebook’ to just ‘facebook’. Facebook is very successful social networking site that ...

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Take Advantage on How WordPress Marketing Can Work For Your Business

WordPress Marketing Advantage : Lots of individuals are very apprehensive in the business world. These individuals are those using online advertising for their products and services. There are a lot of different choices that you can choose from when you're choosing your selling pitch. You can build your site with the use of WordPress selling that is a free blog service. You are in a position to possess your website title and anyone with WordPress Marketing Advantage access will have the ...

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Online Businesses Will Benefit by Using WordPress Marketing

Online Businesses Using WordPress Marketing : There are millions of individuals from the business world who use online marketing in order to promote their products and services. For this reason, you will find a huge selection of options to choose from as it pertains to selecting the type of advertising platform you would like to make use of for your own online business. One of typically the most popular and effective platforms of all is WordPress marketing. Online Businesses Using WordPr...

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