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HOW DO WE MEASURE THE SUCCESS OF OUR SEO METRICS IN A CAMPAIGN? Being a digital marketer we are always very eager to know about the result of our work. We are always anxious about what could be the result of our work as we put lots of efforts. The best way to measure the Read More

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Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Things change with every passing day and mostly, we don’t even notice the inevitable change. But yes, we do see some drastic changes and call them, ‘trends’. What is trending now will soon become out trend and we can’t even guess what will become the trendsetter in the near future. Generally, anything that spreads widely Read More

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Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Business | Techstack

Marketing Tips for promoting your business has many ways and places nowadays. But it is difficult to decide the marketing method through which business should be promoted in the right way. Below are some marketing tips which will make your task easy. Identify Targets and Check Out Your Competitor Keeping a track of customers which Read More

Mapping Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

What’s your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2018? There has been a lot of changes from the old year to new year in the SEO strategies of the companies. But everyone hasn’t prepared for the change and they hit a loss in the traffic this year. Many people are panicking in different forums “I have lost Read More

The Digital Marketing Career Path

In my last article I have written about golden rules to follow for SMS Marketing. Now in this article I have come with the topic “The Digital Marketing Career Path”. In this article I will try to explain you the path taken by a Digital Marketer and the milestones in the path of Digital Marketer. Read More

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