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Posts published in “internet marketing”

Marketing research


Marketing research Is known as the action or the activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and the preference’. It is basically the process that links the producers and the consumers with the means of the information which is used to identify and define the marketing opportunities an help to evaluate the marketing actions and Read More

Lead generation


Lead generation in the digital marketing is checking of the customer and the client interest or the inquiry of the product or services of the business or the work. The leads created can be used for many purposes like list building or the sales lead. The methods which are used to build the leads come Read More

Cross channel marketing


 Cross channel marketing is the marketing tool watch and capitalizes on the user’s behavior across the multiple devices to increase the conversion and the changes. It is one of the fastest growing trends that have been adopted by the companies. CCM strategies and the mediums help the brands to reach to the coming and the Read More

Digital Marketing scope in India- #1 trending course.


Digital marketing scope and its current need! Its a no brainer to say india is changing digitally and at a rapid rate and with that the digital marketing scope is increasing exponentially. With the advent of DIGITAL INDIA , everything is going digital at lightning speed and for that companies and government organizations need people who Read More

Words of the Mouth


Words of the Mouth is the unpaid spread of the positive marketing from the person to person. It is basically the passing of the message or the information by the means of oral communication.  Word of mouth marketing also called as word of mouth advertising   differentiates with the naturally occurring word of the mouth. Word Read More

Local Advertising through internet


Local advertising through internet refers to the optimization of the ads as per the position of the client and the users. This type of advertisements is only done to reach the specific number of people or the areas which are with the limited reach where they do their business. The word specific used itself means the local advertisement done can be Read More