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Google webmaster tool for effective seo

Google webmaster tool introduction Google webmaster or better known as google console, out of many Search engine optimization tool google webmaster is the most useful tool which allows you to monitor you website and allows to communicate with google and adjust several aspects of how google see your website this includes list of several internal or external links, different errors , it also help us to check the crawl rate at which the google bot index our web pages. This tool will allow us ...

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Get your website on top through Effective SEO

What is SEO ? SEO better known as search engine optimization is the process through which you can get your website on the top of google search. It is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, or natural search results on Google search.al major search engines like Bing , yahoo and google have primary search result where web pages or any other content like images and videos are listed according to what the search engines think that is relevant for the user. Why does a website need ...

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords an advertising service by google

Earn money through Google Adwords Google Adwords is an online advertising  service that is provided by google where advertiser pays amount to show there advertisement to users. Google AdWord system is partly based on keywords and cookies predefined by the advertisers. When an organization advertise with AdWords, a firm is making an investment in the business, to get  maximum profit through Google Adwords we should first understand how adwords work and what benefit it will provide to an ...

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Email marketing

Spread the business through Emailmarketing

What is email marketing ? Email marketing has become an important tool for organizations ever since the internet is introduced in the world, it is a way of reaching to consumers directly via electronic mail. The information forwarded through electronic mail is send like a laser guided missile rather than a bomb because email marketing reaches to those interested customers only which are beneficial for the firm or to those customers who are looking for appropriate services. Email marketing ...

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Internet marketing makes the company look smart

Internet marketing changing the way marketing is done. Internet marketing or online marketing can be referred to as marketing or advertising yourself or some other brand for the purpose of generating sales in order to get the maximum profit for the organization. Sales can be generating by doing marketing over websites email or any other social media platform, gone are those days where newspaper, pamphlet were majorly used for marketing the products.Organization works in a dynamic environment ...

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